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Buddy in Deering, NH

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Who’s your buddy? Who’s your pal? Buddy! Named for Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Elf,” Buddy can be summed up by a quote from that movie: “I just like to smile! Smiling is my favorite!” Buddy is an unrepentant cuddlebug who asks for little else besides the opportunity to be draped across you lap, gazing up at you lovingly, tongue askew. When you walk away, he’ll turn his head, excitedly anticipating your return. Or he might get up and trot behind you.

Buddy is a neutered 12 year old male Tri-Color Cavalier, although he is entirely black and white except for a few brown patches around his eyes. He weighs 22 lbs. and could probably stand to gain a few more. He loves all people, including strangers and kids, as well as other dogs, and pretty much every other item that crosses his tail-wagging path. We have not tested his reaction to cats or other small creatures, although it’s hard to imagine any type of aggression. He rarely vocalizes, with only the occasional seal-like bark when he is particularly excited to see you or be fed. He is a good eater, gobbling both his dry food and his medications with equal gusto. He is fine in the car, but he isn’t one of those dogs who lives to ride. He is happy, loyal, people- focused, full of love, and delivers a smile to all he meets.

Buddy’s unrelentingly positive attitude is remarkable given his history complicated by medical issues. Buddy does have some special needs. He is over 12 years old and entirely deaf. He is also largely blind. He can definitely see shapes, especially when it is well lit, and can navigate around objects and recognize when you are near. He is slightly arthritic, so he cannot climb stairs or hop up on furniture and must be carried/lifted. He is quite content to lie on the floor (more so than any Cavalier we’ve ever had). He sleeps on the floor at night, adjacent to his favorite person, atop a pile of clothes. He is not crate trained. Buddy came to us without proper house training, but learned the rules. The only medications he currently receives is an ointment in his eyes every other day and a pain reliever with his food. Otherwise, he was given a clean bill of health by our vet, with a mild heart murmur typical of Cavaliers his age.

Buddy has proven to be quite adaptable and has learned to communicate when he needs to go out. Buddy would thrive in a one-floor house with easy access to the outdoors (a series of steps leading outside would be bad). He could live in a multi-floor house as long as his owner is willing to carry him up/down stairs. He would be best in an uncluttered environment that stays relatively constant, since he does bump into objects, particularly when it is dim or dark. He adapted to our home quite well, as long as the layout stayed the same. We have left him alone for up to 6 hours at a time without incident, but he would thrive in a house with a regular schedule and frequent companionship. Buddy joined our 3 other Cavaliers without a problem; we think he would be fine as either a solo dog or an addition.

Buddy was left alone for much of his life. Given the opportunity to be a companion, he quickly adapted and changed into a devoted lap dog. Buddy’s favorite activity is to lounge with you. He has perfected what we call The Buddy Flop: he’ll ask to be lifted up on a couch or chair, then he’ll throw his body across your lap, with his front paws to your left, his rear paws to your right, and his body arcing over your legs. He’ll then quickly fall asleep and gently snore, safe and secure with his favorite person. This all proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks and gives us confidence that Buddy will adapt to a new living situation to everyone’s satisfaction.

Buddy is eligible for our Share Care program, which provides reimbursement for half of the cost of medications for the first year of adoption.

Buddy is a wonderful, happy, loving dog who will bring much joy to the family lucky enough to adopt him. Although he is old and has some challenges, we know that the love he will deliver will reward his adoptive family many, many times over. Are you ready for a new buddy?

If you are interested in adopting Buddy and live within a reasonable drive of his foster home in Deering, NH, please submit an online application and then contact Barbara Blanchette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she knows of your interest.


  • Color: Tri-Color
  • Age: 12
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Trained.
  • Medical Conditions: Deaf, mild arthritis, partial blindness, needs eye ointment every other day, plus pain reliever for arthritis.
  • Temperament: Joyful, gentle, sweet, focused on people, easy to live with.
  • Recommendations: Will thrive in a quiet, uncluttered home with one floor (or someone willing to carry him up/down stairs) and easy access to the outdoors. Someone home a lot of the time to give him the affection he craves in his last years would be great.
  • Location: Deering, NH
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: Yes

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