AJ in Warren, OH

Update 6-10-22: We’ve received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

AJ is a sweet, outgoing 4-year-old tri-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came into rescue when his busy family was not as home as much as they had been in the past and wanted a better life for AJ, as he was spending most of his time alone at home. His family was asked what “AJ” stands for. They replied, “nothing really, but when people ask, we say “Adorable Joy”. No two words could better describe this boy.

AJ is a well-adjusted and made himself at home at his foster home, where he fit right in with the family’s other dogs and cat. He patiently waits his turn for treats and even respects his foster sisters’ food during meal time. He loves walks and car rides and walks nicely on a leash with no pulling. He will warn his family when there is someone outside or at the door, but rarely barks otherwise.

He is housebroken but does not indicate when he needs to go outside. He has done well on a schedule, when taken out with the other dogs on a regular, routine basis, with no accidents in the house since the first week at his foster home. He goes right out to the fenced yard and comes back to the door when finished and waits patiently to be let back into the house.

He is crate trained and slept in a crate the first few nights at his foster home but his preferred resting and sleeping spot is on the sofa, He also enjoyed being bathed and had no problem with foster mom trimming his nails and brushing his teeth.

AJ has been on a weight loss diet while at his foster home, having only green beans or other vegetables as snacks, as he has quite a bit of weight to lose. He is also on a kibble formulated for weight loss. He goes on 2 walks a day. He loves his walks and eagerly waits by the door when he sees his leash appear. His new family will need to continue the weight loss program, with plenty of exercise. He sometimes walks with a limp soon after waking and clearly is burdened by the excess weight. He has gone from 46 lbs to 41 lbs while at his foster home but needs to lose another 10 to 12 lbs. Otherwise, AJ is in good health.

He especially loves car rides and being outdoors hiking with his foster mom. He is always up for a new adventure. He wants to know where foster mom is at all times. AJ will need to have small cloth toys removed from his environment, as he likes to chew and tear open toys and could possibly ingest pieces of the toy.

A home without many steps at this time would be best. AJ has gone upstairs to find his foster mom but was afraid to come down himself, presumably due to his excess weight, needing to be carried down the stairs. However, he goes up and down the four steps to the backyard with no problem.

AJ would do well with either a family with children old enough to treat him with respect or a single person, but will require his new family’s active help in losing his extra pounds. He would do well as a single dog or with other dogs in the family.

If you’d like to be AJ’s forever human, please complete the online application (if you haven’t already), read our Process section and FAQ’s on our website. Then if you’re within a reasonable driving distance, email  morgans817@sbcglobal.net  to let her know of your interest.

Online Application

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Good health, however needs to lose several pounds.
  • Temperament: Sweet, independent, quiet, calm, loving, happy, gets along well with other dogs and cats
  • Recommendations: A single story home with a fenced in yard with an active person or family who can take AJ on walks and will carefully monitor his weight until his ideal weight is achieved.
  • Location: Warren, OH
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No