Amara in Mechanicsburg, PA


Here is Amara with her new mom…

Looking for the perfect canine companion? One that is sweet, quiet, affectionate and most important of all, house trained? Amara is your girl. Amara’s sweet nature is all the more remarkable considering she spent her first 6-7 years as a breeding dog. She was turned over to rescue and is now looking for a home of her very own.

Her journey in foster care has been a long one. A few months into her foster care, she started scratching and licking. Soon her beautiful hair was mostly gone on her belly and rear legs. After a lot of trial and error, it was determined that she is allergic to chicken. She is now on a high quality gently cooked dog food with pork as the protein. She is doing very well, her itches are gone and the hair is growing back.

She has been perfect in her foster home from the very first moment she came through the door. She loves going for rides, walks well on a leash, loves kids of all ages and dogs of all sizes. She is crate trained but prefers to sleep at night in a dog bed on the floor in her foster parents bedroom. She sleeps all night and is not an early riser. This well traveled girl has been to the garden store, the hairdresser, pet store and the vets office. She greets everyone and everything with a wagging tail. There are two funny quirks:  Occasionally she will drag her bed around the room and she really loves tea towels. She will pull the towel off the oven door handle and find a spot to chew it. They are now tied to the oven door handles and she has let them completely alone. As noted above, she is reliably house trained and has had no accidents in her foster home. Chasing the birds and squirrels around the yard are her specialty, but she needs a securely fenced yard. Amara is a bit of a Houdini. If the yard has aluminum fencing, it will need to be modified because she can fit through the bars.

She enjoys the company of her three foster sisters, but would also be fine as an only dog. Her biggest wish is to be in her persons lap. If she is not able to be in your lap, she will be at your feet, gazing into your eyes. She still has some skittish moments. She does not like to be picked up and sudden loud noises will startle her. However, with love and patience, she should get over this. Because she had such a difficult start in life, she really needs to be placed in a home with someone home most of the day. A quiet home without child would probably be best for her.

Amara is in great health and is a healthy weight at 14 pounds. She was spayed and had a dental while in foster care. Her allergy issues seem to be under control. She was prescribed Apoquel, but has not had to take it recently. She does not have a heart murmur or any other health problems.

Amara is a pretty, sweet tricolor girl who had a very difficult beginning to her life. Even after all she has had to go through, she still is one of the most loving dogs we have ever seen. Please consider adding her to your family.

If you think you would be a good match for Amara and you live within a reasonable driving distance of Mechanicsburg, PA please make sure you have an current application on file and reach out to Melissa MacMullin (  to let her know of your interest.

Online Application

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Excellent
  • Health: Excellent Allergic to chicken, but controlled through diet
  • Temperament: Sweet, happy, loving
  • Recommendations: Someone home most of the time.
  • Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED