Amy and Lilly in Beverly Hills, CA

Will you be our Valentine? These beautiful, bonded healthy 5-Year-old Blenheim Cavalier littermate sisters were born on Valentine’s Day and are ready to steal your heart. Amy and Lilly came to Cavalier Rescue because their owner was unable to care for them when working long hours and having to leave them alone. 

We have been having a great time at our foster home. We were a bit overweight and out of shape when we arrived and have been having fun losing weight. We love going on walks around the block. We are so excited we pull on the leash a little bit but we do not bark at other dogs. We love playing in the yard and can play toss and fetch as long as you keep throwing the toy for us.  We have learned to walk up the stairs and follow our foster mom everywhere. We love bath time and being groomed. We arrived in foster care with our coats shaved but are looking forward to having out beautiful Cavalier fur grow out. We sleep in a crate with the door open or closed but have been eyeing sleeping on our foster mom’s bed where our foster siblings sleep. We love our new Cavalier foster siblings and have a great time playing with them.  

While in foster care, Lilly and Amy have been brought up-to-date on core vaccinations and microchipped. Lilly received bloodwork testing and an anesthetic dental cleaning with 11 extractions. She recovered quickly. Amy was assessed by a Cardiologist and is asymptomatic with a III/VI heart murmur and no medications needed at this time, only regular monitoring for now.

Amy is more the extrovert and the leader in our adventures. She likes to “Woo Woo” to get her foster mom’s attention and has a silly grin with her tongue hanging out. Amy loves small plush toys to gather but does not chew them.

Lilly is more reserved and has a sweet soulful look ready to soak up your love. Lilly happily joins her sister in playing or snoozing. 

We like to be together and look out for each other. Sometimes, like true siblings, we squabble a little bit. Amy can get a little protective of her food if she feels her sister is eyeing it. Our foster mom likes to watch us eat or to have us eat separately. Lilly eats her food very quickly. Amy eats very slowly. We have been eating a controlled portion of kibble and veggies like broccoli or canned no salt green beans to help us lose weight. We still have a few more pounds to reach our ideal weight but already feel so much better. 

Foster mom says we are doing very well with house training and will go outside for potty breaks. We can be left alone for a few hours and all night without any accidents.   

Amy and Lilly are ready to find their forever family and live happily ever after. They have blossomed since they arrived in their foster home. If you are interested in giving this delightful pair of companions the attention that they so need and deserve, please complete the online application if you have not yet done so and then email Donna Beirne at so she knows your interest. 

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Amy: mild MVD, no medication or restrictions at this time. Overweight at 27 lbs. Lilly: overweight at 31 lbs. 
  • Temperament: Sweet, outgoing, loving, playful, and affectionate
  • Recommendations: Continued weight management and oversight on diet and regular exercise. Low alone time, enclosed backyard. Older, dog-savvy children will be considered. Someone who will give them a lot of attention, other dogs in home okay.
  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT