Bash in Nashville, TN


Bash is a handsome 3 year old dark ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He’s got beautiful dark adoring eyes that will just melt your heart. He came into rescue after he was given up by a breeder. Unfortunately, Bash’s fur was shaved down, but you can see from his face and paws that he will have a deep dark luxurious coat.

Although Bash is 3 years old, you’d think he’s a puppy as he’s ready to learn just about everything for the first time. He’s made great strides in his first week in foster care, learning some basic commands and learning where (and where not) to do his business. He’s been learning the rules of the house from his foster brother and sister – both are rescues from Cavalier Rescue USA.

Bash will follow either foster parent around the house, but is happiest on someone’s lap receiving undivided attention and cuddles. When his parents are busy, he’ll settle down into a pet bed for a quick nap. Bash hasn’t learned to play with toys yet, but is curious about the squeaky noises they make; he enjoys watching his foster mates play with their toys. He hasn’t played much with his foster siblings, but they’ve all had group cuddles and naps. Bash would benefit from being in a home with another trained dog to provide guidance.

Bash has just started walking with a leash and lessons will be needed. When he goes out into the yard, he’s quick to do his business before bounding around the yard. Bash loves to stretch out on the outdoor chairs and catch some rays in the afternoon sun. Bash has had a few trips in the car and has been a very good passenger in his crate and in a car seat.

Bash had a health checkup when he came into rescue. He’s now been brought up to date on all his vaccines, heart worm meds and flea & tick supplements. Bash had an umbilical hernia repaired while getting neutered. The vet also cleaned his teeth; no cavities – just pearly white teeth!

Bash is a patient eater. The foster has been working to help Bash slowly gain some needed weight. Bash is a slender svelte 17 pounds and long in length. Bash may need to wear a belly band or be supervised initially so that he doesn’t mark in his new home. The desire to mark should dissipate as more time passes after his neutering.

If you live within an easy drive from Nashville, TN and believe you’d be a great fit for happy loving Bash, please email Liz Nigh at to let her know of your interest. Please be sure to complete an online application as well if you haven’t already done so. Thank you!

Online Application

  • Color: Ruby
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: 95% - He knows to do his business in the yard. He had one accident after getting neutered.
  • Health: Recently neutered and had an umbilical hernia repaired. Clean white teeth
  • Temperament: Happy, loving friendly and very sweet
  • Recommendations: Fenced yard, another dog and someone home most of the day. Needs to learn leash skills.
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: No