Bella in Portland, ME

Get ready to fall in love with Bella! Bella is a petite, 5-year-old black and tan Cavalier who is ready to be your loyal companion. Bella came into rescue when her previous owner relocated out of state. It is clear that Bella was well loved and it’s even more clear that Bella has a lot of love to give!

Bella is happiest and most confident when she’s out on a walk! As soon as she sees her foster mom get the leash, Bella starts spinning in excitement. She loves to explore the neighborhood and sniff the great smells.

At home, Bella enjoys cuddling with her people and keeping a close eye on her people’s whereabouts. She does show moderate separation anxiety when left alone, and she would prefer having someone home with her most of the day. Bella can be timid in unfamiliar situations and skittish around sudden movements, so she would likely be happiest in a calm, quiet household without small children. Bella tolerates sharing attention with her foster Cavalier sister, but she would most enjoy getting all the attention as an only dog. She hasn’t encountered a cat since being in rescue.

Bella is housetrained when kept on a regular schedule. At her small size, she needs to go out frequently (she does sleep through the night without needing to go out). Bella happily sleeps in her crate at night and enjoys being able to use it as a safe place for snoozing during the day. What might surprise you most about this tiny sweetheart is her lumberjack snore!

Bella is scheduled for a dental cleaning while in rescue and will likely need a few teeth extracted. Otherwise, her only known health condition is grade 1 luxating patellas, which only require monitoring, no treatment.

If Bella sounds like your perfect match, please complete our online application if you haven’t already, and email Barbara Blanchette at to express your interest.

Online Application

  • Color: Black & Tan
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes, but needs to stay on routine
  • Temperament: Generally calm, people-centric, timid in new situations
  • Recommendations: Regular walks, a quiet household (no small children or large dogs)
  • Location: Portland, ME
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT