Bess in Parsipanny, NJ

Hello! My name is Bess but my foster mom calls me Meatball. I think she considers it a term of endearment. I am a 34 lbs spayed Ruby female age 8 who came into rescue after being retired from breeding. I have adjusted really well to life as a house pet. It took me no time at all to figure out how to walk on a leash, use a dog door, and lounge on the couch. I really love the couch, and would love to snuggle on it with the closest human I can find.

I have been working really hard on losing weight. I came into rescue at 50 lbs, and I have been successfully dropping weight through diet and exercise. I am so polite on walks, and my foster mom makes me walk really far and fast. I love walks, and I am up to almost 3 miles twice a day. I would love to find a home that will commit to helping me to continue to drop weight and get in tip-top shape.

I still get a little overwhelmed when there is a lot of noise, so I would much prefer a home that isn’t too hectic. I go to work with my foster mom sometimes, and I just sleep quietly by her feet. OK, maybe not quietly, I snore quite loudly. I love the company of other animals. I am staying in a house with several dogs, cats, and a bird. I get along with everyone, and don’t get upset if one of them is a bit fresh with me.

I have had a few accidents in my foster home, but I can hold it if need be. My foster mom keeps me in a very big crate when she’s gone, and she still needs to convince me to go out to go potty when she gets home. When she is home, she takes me out every four hours or so to be sure I go out to potty.

I am 8 years old, up to date on my vaccines, and was recently spayed. My teeth are beautiful because I love to chew. I will chew on toys, bones, water bottles, really anything you leave within my reach. My foster mom pays close attention to the things I am chewing on and ruins all my fun, but she buys me tons of appropriate chew toys for me to annihilate. No rope toys please, as I eat every toy I have and ropes can put me at risk of obstruction.

I had a large polyp in my bladder that came from chronic urinary tract infections. The polyp was removed and as long as we stay on top of my bladder health, I hopefully should not develop any more. I spent a long time on antibiotics trying to be sure we cleared out any remaining infections to ensure the best possible outcome, but my new human will need to test my urine for infections a few times a year to keep polyps from reforming.

If you live within a reasonable driving distance of Parsippany, NJ and you are interested in adopting me, please email Rebecca Plimpton at and fill out an application for me if you don’t already have an application on file. I really want a family all my own and hope to hear from you soon.

Online Application


  • Color: Ruby
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Near perfection with monitoring
  • Health: Overweight; needs to keep active to continue her weigh loss progress
  • Temperament: Sweet and cuddly. An ideal companion dog!
  • Recommendations: Perfect for someone who works from home, and enjoys getting out to walk some distance a few times a day. 
  • Location: Parsipanny, NJ
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT