Buddy in Davis, CA

Update 1-27-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meet the most adorable boy in the world BUDDY! He’s a very sweet little fella who was retired by his breeder. Buddy is a sweet soul and likes sweet people. He quickly became foster mom’s little shadow and is always ready for face rubs and cuddles. Buddy is a gem, he’s sooo cute and sooooo sweet, we all love him so much.

Buddy’s first half of his life’s job was to produce fur kids, so he is well socialized with other dogs and likes to play with his blind foster brother. He’s retired now and ready to relax and enjoy the rest of his life basking in the glory of your couch! Buddy has fun energy and enjoys a nice game of fetch! Fetch is new for this little guy as he probably didn’t get much playtime in the first half of his life, but he’s ready to make the best out of the next chapter.

Buddy went to the Vet for his intake and dental and he was respectful with the clinic cat and approached him gently. He is a pleasure to walk on a leash. He’s a ‘stick by you’ kind of guy. He enjoys roaming around and short walks. He doesn’t require an active lifestyle or long walks, he’d be just as happy with a walk around the block and spending time with you outdoors while you lounge.

Buddy will need a home where his new family is home most of the time, without very young children, which might scare him. He’s looking for special lap who understands where he’s at now and how amazing he is going to be. He also needs a family who is ready to love him through his current and potential future health issues. He has dry eyes and requires eye drops three times a day for life. He also has the genetic markers for degenerative myelopathy which will possibly present and decrease his mobility in his senior years. Right now though, he’s great and happily jumps up on the couch to be near you. He has a low grade 2 heart murmur, common to the breed, which requires no treatment at this time. He doesn’t hear that well. It doesn’t matter because he watches your every move like a hawk, he’s very attentive to his human. He was neutered and had a recent dental with 11 teeth extracted. Don’t worry, he still eats kibble like a pro. He is up to date on his vaccines.

Buddy will require loving family with a fully fenced yard, and someone who is home most of the time. Buddy will be happiest in a home that is caring, and calm. He really needs another gentle dog sibling (or 2) to play with and show him the ropes. He is very social and really loves to snuggle up. He sleeps well in the crate but is an early riser with a 6 am wakeup call. He would enjoy sleeping in the big bed with his person however he is very comfortable being crated. Buddy couldn’t be sweeter. He has a beautiful low maintenance coat and big beautiful eyes. He will steal your heart, your lap, your side of the couch and if you let him your bed. Could you be that special person who needs a new Buddy?

If you are ready to bring Buddy into your home and you live within a short driving distance to Davis, CA please send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email to smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

Buddy Video

Online Application  

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: Dry eyes, low grade 2 heart murmur, hard of hearing
  • Temperament: Friendly, some separation anxiety. good with people, dogs and cats
  • Recommendations: Loving family with someone home much of the time, fenced yard, another gentle and friendly dog or two
  • Location: Davis, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No