Charlie in Bridgeport, WV


Hello, my name is Charlie Brown, aka Charlie. I am an active 3 year old Blenheim male pup that likes to give and get love. I will snuggle on your lap or beside you in your favorite chair. I love to run free in a fenced yard but I also like to take leash walks with my foster family. I also love to try to catch snowflakes before they hit the ground, play a game of tug of war, chase a ball and I love squeak toys. My beautiful tail will start wagging as soon as you acknowledge me.

I am completely house trained. I am energetic and like to explore inside and outside the house. I am a quick learner and am able to navigate stairs. I am crate trained and potty trained. I am not afraid to use my voice to let you know I want a treat after I have been outside to potty. My foster family gives me fruit for treats to maintain my weight from 20 to 21 pounds. I love blueberries, strawberries, apples and bananas. The vet that my foster family uses says I need to stay at that weight for a healthy lifestyle. 

I like to get a bit crazy at times and I am very curious. When sunlight shines in through the windows I get excited and bark at it. To deter that action my foster family gives me a squeak toy to redirect my excitement and I take 100 mg of Gabapentin 4 times a day. The cost of the medication is approximately $23.00 for 150 pills. I will probably need to be on this medication for the rest of my life.

I need to be the only dog in your household. I do not like to share, especially my food or my toys and I do not like for another dog to be around when I an interacting with my human or humans. I have not been around cats so I don’t know if I like them or not.

I will be happy to be your best snuggle friend and give you lots of love if you want to welcome me into your home.

If you are interested in adopting me, please fill out the online application if you haven’t already and then contact Nancy Persinger at Thank you!

Online Application  

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 3 Years
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Excellent
  • Temperament: Energetic, active, friendly, lovable
  • Recommendations: Should be an only dog. Does not like to share. Someone home much of the time.
  • Location: Bridgeport, WV
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED