Clary in Vermilion, OH

Clary is a Cavalier Bichon mix who came to rescue when a Good Samaritan rescued a larger group of Cavaliers from a breeder and this pup was in the group. We think Clary is around two years old. She has many puppy-like qualities, as she never had the opportunity to be properly socialized and loved in her early years.

Clary’s favorite thing is sitting on or near her person. She is so very loving once she knows you are loving and won’t hurt her. As with most puppy mill dogs, she is wary of strangers at first – do not let this discourage you. Once she trusts you, she is all about you! She throws herself on her back and closes her eyes in joy at a belly rub. Greeting her person and being loved is more important to her than most anything else!

We are still working on her going potty right away when let out. Sometimes it takes her 25-30 minutes to relax and do her business, so adopters need patience and a positive attitude.
She knows to potty outside, but does not know how to signal to go out, so she needs to be kept on a schedule. This will need continued work in her new home.

Clary likes to run and she is fast, so it’s imperative she have a physically fenced-in backyard. She also wants to play with another dog. Her foster Mom’s dogs are elderly and not much fun for her, so we would like her to have a home with a younger dog who can show her the ropes and would like to play with her and cuddle with her if your lap is unavailable.

Clary likes to chew on play bones/toys. She cannot have fabric toys, since she will swallow pieces of fabric and strings etc., which is harmful.

Clary can jump straight up in the air about four feet; she is very springy! Her back legs look like a jack rabbit’s. We are working on “down,” it’s hard because she is so cute and just overjoyed to see you.

We are also teaching her “wait” with hand up in a stop-like motion. Since she is so fast she can fit out the door in a flash. It is important that adopters continue to work with her. We recommend puppy classes for her and her person. Clary knows “sit.” Clary stops what she is doing with a firm simple “no.” She is eager to learn and please her person.

Clary sleeps in a crate at night near other dogs in our household. When her foster Mom leaves during day for a bit she does fine in an x-pen. She does not bark or whine. She is a good car rider. Also, she shows no fear at fireworks or storms. She does however startle at things around her, for example a bird in a tree above her flapped loudly and it startled her. This is likely because she spent her first years in a cage.

Clary walks well on leash, mainly because she just wants to stay near you. A shorter leash is best (of about four feet in length), so she can’t get a running start and pull on her neck when she forgets she is on a leash. A harness should be used, not just a collar.

Clary has hair that grows. She will need to be groomed with haircuts. She enjoys being brushed and loves the attention. Her fine hair will matt if not attended to. She has a beautiful coat of white, cream, apricot and red. Her eyes are a beautiful amber gold rimmed in pink. Her nose is a pink brown. Her hair feels so soft and silky when petting her, it is just lovely. She doesn’t mind nail clipping either.

She is good with cats, older children, dogs and indoor birds that are in a cage.

Clary is spayed, up to date on shots and is on flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

If you are interested in adopting Clary please fill out an application, if you haven’t already, and email Sherry Morgan at to let her know of your interest.
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  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Needs continued training, but has made great progress.
  • Health: Great!
  • Temperament: Loving, playful, sweet, fun, and curious.
  • Recommendations: Physically fenced-in yard, another friendly dog to play with and puppy classes.
  • Location: Vermilion, OH
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT