Cooper in Seattle, WA

Oh hey, I’m sorry I didn’t notice you over there. Please don’t be offended, I’m deaf and was distracted by some leaves on the ground. My name is Cooper and I am an expert leaf hunter. I’m looking for my forever family, are you looking for your forever dog? Maybe it’s a match!

I’m a 7-year-old blenheim boy and currently live with my foster family in downtown Seattle. I have a Cavalier foster brother who has helped me learn to be a city dog. I know to sit in the elevator and have my paws wiped when we come home. I have also learned to sit and wait until I see your hand signal that tells me I should start eating. I am a very good, treat-motivated boy.

I am also heart healthy and recently had twelve teeth extracted. I’m not much into kissing, but when I do give the rare kiss my breath is, according to my foster dad, “not bad.” One thing I really love is playing with my toys. I have some rubber bones I can entertain myself with. I also enjoy playing tug with my stuffies. Earlier this week I successfully chewed the tail off my little sheep toy.

I usually walk well on a leash with a front-clip harness, although a particularly interesting leaf will motivate me to pull and investigate. A squirrel or cat will also start my alarm bells ringing, but a high-value treat will reliably calm me down.

On the weekends I love long park walks and gently greeting other dogs. Sometimes, if the mood strikes me, I will play with similarly-sized dogs. Occasionally, I can be barky when I get bad vibes off another dog. I don’t know why my foster mom isn’t into that, I’m just trying to keep her safe.

At night I put myself to bed in a crate next to the bed, but I would love to sleep on the bed with you. My preference is to always be where my people are, usually flopped on my side at your feet or sitting with you on the couch. Most of my days are spent snoring while my foster mom works from home or at the office in a dog bed under her desk. When left alone for very long I can get barky, so I would do best in a home where I am rarely without a human present and would benefit from continued training to help my separation anxiety.

What do you think? Should we partner up to hunt leaves together forever? 

Cooper came into rescue following his owner’s declining health. Unfortunately, he did not coexist harmoniously with his owner’s daughter’s large dogs, and ultimately they thought he’d be safer and happier in a different home environment. 

Cooper has successfully lived with his Cavalier foster brother of similar size and energy level. However, he initially had moments of growling and lunging when guarding his toys and being startled while sleeping. He seems to appreciate the other dogs company but does not want to cuddle, although they are often found lying next to each other on the couch. Cooper is all about his people and is very much a velcro dog! Cooper is best fit to be an only dog in an adult home without cats; however, he could fit into a household with the right dog and owners that are comfortable managing his moments of grumpiness towards other dogs. 

Cooper is a healthy boy and weighs 19 lbs. Upon coming into rescue, he would occasionally have a wet belly band (male wrap) and it is unclear if that was due to incontinence or the stress of adjusting to a new home and apartment living. Urinary stones were ruled out, and so the veterinarian started Cooper on an anti-incontinence medication. He likely will not need it in his new home once settled and in a new routine. He’d do great with a doggie door. He has a history of allergies affecting his skin, but he hasn’t had issues in his foster home while eating a novel protein diet. 

Cooper loves daily walks and adventures and may get bored in a home where he’s just inside all day. He has a good amount of energy and zest for life. 

So, what do you think, is your home a good match for Cooper? Are you a patient, dog-savvy person and want a devoted pup to keep you company? If so, Cooper would love to join your family. 

Please complete an online application (if you haven’t done so previously) and email Melissa Cincotta at to let her know you’re interested in adopting Cooper. Please take a moment to read about our adoption process and rescue at the following links: Process & FAQ.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Housetrained and does great with a doggie door
  • Health: Healthy, deaf
  • Temperament: Playful, attentive
  • Recommendations: Adult home, no cats, fenced yard, doggie door would be great, ideally an only dog but ok with an easy-going dog of similar size
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT