Cooper in University City, MO

My name is Cooper, and I am a handsome (at least that is what I am called) 5-year-old tricolor Cavalier. I was born 6/16/2018. I am a smart guy, and know all my commands, but sometimes I forget to ‘heel’ when I see a squirrel. I love long walks with my person, and move fairly fast, and love to smell everything! There are so many interesting things to sniff, and I love to find things to chase or chew on. 

When my foster mom leaves me at home, I get anxious, but my foster sister lets me know she will be back, so I am getting better but still need to lie on the back of the couch and watch out the window until she comes home. I don’t have accidents in the house, and I know to bark or ring the bell on the back door when I need to go out.

I have a basket of toys, and especially love my Lamb Chop! It is fun to chew the squeaker out! My foster mom takes me on car rides with my foster sister, and we sit in car seats and I can see out the windows! I really like going to the pet store and looking for treats!

Cooper has been in his foster home for about 2 months. He is a very sweet guy, who will be your velcro dog and give you lots of kisses. He has lots of energy and we usually go on 2 to 3 mile walks every day. His previous owner released him to Cavalier Rescue USA because he would pull too hard on leash whenever he saw an animal on the trail. At one point she fell, and broke her ankle, and sadly could no longer care for him. He has a big yard here to run in, but wants his person to be out with him. FYI, he is very good at supervising yard work!

Cooper has apparently had bouts of diarrhea and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease, and was prescribed a Science Diet prescription food. He takes a medication (takes one Budesonide, 1mg day. The cost is about $25 a month.) with his morning meal and recently I have begun making his food, with ground meats and veggies and fruits, baked in a loaf. So far it has really agreed with him and I think this might be less expensive. Cooper was also diagnosed with a mild heart murmur, common to the breed, and was rated a grade 2 at this time. He will need to be checked yearly by a cardiologist and does not need medication at this time.

He is a very smart and loving guy, and knows all the commands including sit, stay, down, roll over, fetch (sometimes) and heel, (unless he sees a squirrel), and return. He definitely needs a securely fenced yard as he is not savvy to cars and danger, and would like to run out the front door if not monitored. Cooper is completely house trained, and we have had no accidents since he arrived.  

He does not like to be crated, and his anxiety becomes apparent when he is. Since he was used to sleeping with his previous owner, he would very much like to be in the big bed with his forever family. This will make the changes he has been through much easier. He and his foster sister get along well and he may do better with another calm pup in the household to let him know it is okay when his person leaves for a few hours. He loves to hang out when I am in the kitchen, so he can help keep the floor clean! He will follow you all around the house and lay across your lap when you sit down. When he gets too warm, he will move to your side. Cooper is a larger Cavalier, but his weight is good at 22 pounds, and he is very active. He does love dirty laundry! He will chew holes but not swallow anything. He will also “shop” in uncovered trash cans, so keeping laundry and trash can secure is good. 

He is neutered, had a dental, and is up to date on all his shots. He gets along with everyone, although he has not been around young children. He has been a joy to foster and would do well in a home that is calm, but active so he gets his exercise and stimulation. A home with another calm pup and someone who is home most of the time to give him the attention he requires would be great. He definitely loves his walks and knows what the word means when said out loud. I am trying to teach him to bring his harness and leash! He was very well behaved at the groomer. His coat is shiny and silky and he is easy to groom. Cooper is a sweet loving, curious and active boy who deserves the best home possible.

If you are the family who can provide Cooper with his forever home, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Sarah Noebels at to let her know of your interest. 

Online Application 

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Irritable Bowel Disease and grade 2 heart murmur and needs to be checked yearly by a cardiologist. Currently not on heart meds.
  • Temperament: Smart, active, loving, curious
  • Recommendations: Securely physically fenced yard, daily walks, another small calm dog, someone home most of
  • Location: University City, MO
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT