Emma and Lily in Santa Clara, CA


Here are the pups with their new mom…

Meet The Sweetest Tiny Duo Ever! Mama and daughter: Little Miss Lily and Emma, aka: The Golden Girls of Cavalier Rescue USA. Just like the show, this pair is a mother/daughter bonded duo who are living out their golden years together. Are you the right home and have the heart for this sweet pair? If you are, get ready for a lot of love!

Lily is a petite 14 year old tricolor who loves hanging out with her daughter and relaxing. Emma is an 11 year old Blenheim who is outgoing. Both of these Golden Girls are very spry for their age! Some can’t even tell how old they are because they are so lively, tiny and precious. 

Both Lily and Emma walk well on a leash and respond to their names. Hearing is good. They sleep together in their crate, snug as a 2 bugs in a rug, and they enjoy taking naps in there throughout the day. If they had their way, they’d love to sleep with their people but it is not a deal breaker for this duo. Lily needs help getting onto furniture but both dogs also feel comfortable hanging out on a couch or bed if that is the acceptable norm in their home. 

Lily and Emma had a couple of potty accidents in their foster home. They’ve never been anywhere else, so it’s been a learning curve, but they have quickly adjusted and have learned where to go ‘outside’! Woohoo! For this reason they will need a new home where you are home most of the day. They aim to please so just show them the ropes!

The Golden Girls are a healthy weight, spayed, and up to date on their vaccinations. They both have grade 5 or so heart murmurs, but are not symptomatic of heart failure. They are a healthy weight, spayed and up to date on their vaccinations. Both have had dentals in the past couple of years, but their teeth don’t look great. Emma’s tongue has trouble staying in her mouth due to having some teeth pulled, so she does tend to drool. Give this girl a cute drool bib sash, she will look so CUTE, P.s. She likes pink! The tongue can come out when a front canine is removed. We think she’s adorable! She doesn’t let it get in her way and you shouldn’t either! The girls both have a history of pancreatitis, and eat a low-fat prescription wet food to keep their tummies feeling well. They are doing great on their canned food and it is well managed.

They are great with other dogs and kids of all ages, but they like to bark at the Chinchilla in their foster home so small animals like cats or hamsters will not work well for them.  

Love, snuggles, sweet energy and more love is what they have to give. A simple, home life with lap time is all they want and need. If you are able to open your heart and provide laps and love, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already and then contact smalldogbath@gmail.com , Jessica Ford, Coordinator for Northern California, letting her know of your interest.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim, Tricolor
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Fairly reliable with easy access to the desired spot to go potty.
  • Health: History of Pancreatitis requiring / managed well on a low fat diet. Asymptomatic heart murmur.
  • Temperament: Emma: Sweet, shy and calm Lily: Outgoing, loves people, sweet.
  • Recommendations: Loving home together
  • Location: Santa Clara, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED