Georgia in Groton, MA

This beautiful Blenheim girl is Georgia, or “Georgie” for short. She is 5 months old, born 9/17/23.

While in rescue Georgia had a complete physical where she was found to be healthy and at an appropriate weight (5.9 lbs) for her age. She currently has an open fontanel, an open growth plate on the top of her head which can/should close on its own, and which we are monitoring closely. She is heart clear – no murmur – and was negative for heartworm and parasites. Georgia is up to date on vaccines. Her new owner must be responsible for spaying and microchipping her when she is 9 months old. Proof of spay must be submitted to the rescue.

Georgia is being fostered in a home with two adult Cavaliers. It was love at first sight, and she has bonded seamlessly with her foster brother and sister. Although she enjoys hiding her toys in her large, fabric crate, she is not a fan of sleeping in it. She asked to sleep with her foster family on the big bed on her third night. She has slept through the night since, and goes potty outside when her foster dad wakes up to get ready for work. Georgia is making great strides with potty training thanks to the vigilance of her stay-at-home foster mom. Her new family must be prepared to continue with her house training.

Georgia doesn’t know a stranger. She charmed everyone at the vet as well as friends who have come to visit. She enjoys a snuggle and kisses before taking naps after a game of catch with extensive running. She always returns the ball for more ball chasing. Georgia is a toy hog and has single – handedly commandeered all the toys into her crate (I have videos!!). She is happy and outgoing, not afraid of anything, including the vacuum and hair dryer. Georgia enjoys greeting her foster Dad at the door when he gets home from work and asks to be picked up for cuddles and snuggles. She is able to stay home with her foster Cavalier siblings for short periods of time when foster Mom has to run errands.

Georgia thoroughly enjoys the large fenced yard at her foster home where she does zoomie laps and chases her foster siblings, who also enjoy a good game of “Chase the Puppy!” Georgia enjoys chasing birds, sniffing and walks well on a leash. When she’s ready for a nap she cuddles up with her foster Mom and her Cavalier foster siblings who also enjoy her company.

Georgia loves being part of a family and is more than happy to stay indoors watching tv or listening to music on heavy snow days. She eats well and her foster mom has her on a healthy food plan. Her temperament is loving, sweet, fun, energetic, and patient. She is oh-so-smart!!!

The ideal home for Georgia would be one with a family that has another Cavalier for her to play with. Because of her small size and young age, older respectful children would be a better fit. Since she loves being outdoors, and for her safety, a fenced yard is a must, as well as an adult who is home during the day to continue her potty training and supervise outdoor play time.

Georgia is being fostered in Groton, MA. If you live within a 4 hour drive (each way) from Groton and have submitted an online application, please email Barbara Blanchette to let her know of your interest at

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Doing well, learns quickly
  • Health: Open fontanel
  • Temperament: Playful, athletic, sweet, friendly, affectionate
  • Recommendations: Another dog in the house, fenced yard, adult at home during the day, older, respectful children 
  • Location: Groton, MA
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT