Gina in Loveland, CO

Sweet timid Gina in her new home!
Meet sweet, little, timid, Gina. This sweet, shy, healthy 12 year old lady was released when her owner went into assisted living. Before her previous owner adopted her, Gina was living in a puppy mill situation.
She is looking for a forever home that has a comfy dog bed on the floor that she can sleep in much of the day. Gina spends the majority of her day on her own on her bed, but when she decides she needs to know where you are she will come looking for you and then return to her bed.
She is learning that human touch is okay. She will let you pick her up but will initially back away when you approach her. Once you pick her up she enjoys being wrapped in a blanket and will stay next to you on the couch for a short time but then go back to her bed.
Gina loves the two small dogs that belong to her foster family. She has become part of the pack and loves to run outside with them and chase squirrels. A fenced in backyard would be best for Gina. Gina loves to go for rides and cuddle with the other two dogs.
Gina walks well on a leash. A harness is best to walk her in because she knows how to back out of a collar. She likes to go on short walks and does best when the leash is loose reined and not held tight. If the leash is held tight Gina will refuse to move for you.
Gina is very smart and learns quickly, She will kennel when you call her name and say ” come kennel.” She has learned to stop backing up on you when you approach her with the command “stop.” You can then pick her up or put her leash on her.
Gina is very vocal when she needs to go outside and do her business. She will come and bark at you and dance in circles to let you know she needs to go outside. She is also vocal in the morning letting you know it is time for breakfast. Gina has no teeth so she gets a mixture of Fromm beef canned food and Fromm beef highland kibbles.
Although Gina has very little trust for humans she has never shown signs of aggression towards her foster family and she is very passive. She is gaining trust with her foster family to come to them when they offer her soft treats. She has been coming to a ten year old boy who has been working with her giving her treats when he asks her to come.
Gina is very healthy for 12 years of age. She has no heart problems, a grade 1 patella issue, and she has a cyst on the top of her head that needs to be drained by a veterinarian when it fills with fluid. It is not cancerous and would need to be removed under anesthesia so it could be properly closed back up. So at this time the draining of the cyst is much less invasive then surgery.
Gina is a sweet timid 12 year old lady who needs a forever family that will have the patience to work with her and allow her to come out of her shell on her own time. It would be best if someone would be at home most of the time. She would enjoy the company of another small mellow dog. She ignores cats so would do ok in a home with cats. She would not do well with toddlers but with children 10 and over she does well as long as they are mellow and not over active.
If you think you could give this sweet senior lady a forever home where she could live her best life please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Carolyn Peterson at

Online Application

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 12 Years
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Cyst that will need to be drained when fills with fluid, Edentulate (no teeth)
  • Temperament: Very Sweet, timid senior lady
  • Recommendations: Calm home with someone home much of the time, family willing to work with Gina to raise her comfort level with them and her new home, a secured fenced yard.
  • Location: Loveland, CO
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED