Henry & Teddy in AZ

Update 11-26-23: The boys will be meeting a potential new family in December so we are only taking back up applications for them for now.

Meet Henry and Teddy, a delightful bonded pair being fostered in Green Valley, AZ. They are both terrific Cavaliers. They love their people, they love each other, they love walks and enjoying life.

Henry, the Blenheim, is a sweet guy that is 5 years old (born 3/3/18). Henry really missed his family at first. He was shy and stayed to himself. That soon changed. He likes to be with his people either beside them or on a lap. 

He is in good health but will need a dental in a year. He is up to date on shots, neutered, and a sweet little guy. He weighs 17 pounds, which is a good weight for him. 

If there is a pillow on the couch or chair, Henry likes to sit or lay upon it like the King that he is. He misses his people when they leave but settles quickly. He does not mind his crate but would rather sleep on a couch. 

His favorite thing is taking a walk. He loves to smell every flower he passes. 

Henry doesn’t always feel like eating first thing in the morning but that changed as he became settled in the family. The other dogs will steal his food without him fussing. So eating by himself is best or with someone watching so he gets his nourishment. 

Henry follows commands like stay and sit and he wants to please his people. He is a great, sweet Cavalier. His comfort is Teddy and finds him throughout the day to be together. They truly are a loving and bonded pair.

Teddy, the tricolor boy, is a hunk of burning love. He will turn 4 years old on September 4th. He weighs 24 pounds. Teddy is sweet and likes everyone, including other dogs and cats. His special friend is Henry and it is so sweet to see the two together. 

Teddy had his teeth cleaned without any extractions. He is up to date on shots and is neutered. When his heart rate went up, the veterinarian heard a slight murmur. It is minor and nothing needs to be done to correct it at this stage. 

Teddy loves to go for walks with his buddy, Henry. He will eat Henry’s food if not monitored. He adjusts very quickly to new situations and people. That is very good for his buddy Henry who is more shy. 

Teddy is good with commands like sit and stay. He barks to let his people know someone is walking down the street or the pesky birds are in his yard. When the weather is cooler he becomes more animated. He loves to play with his toy ball, throwing it in the air and rolling it around. 

He enjoys sitting in the sun for short periods here in the desert but prefers cooler weather. Teddy will go to the door and scratch to be left outside to do his duty. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house so house training is perfect. 

Teddy is a gentleman who is loving and well behaved. He and Henry would make a great addition to someone who is home a lot, happy to take daily walks, with a fenced or walled yard.

If you are interested in this sweet pair of Cavaliers, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then get in touch with Carolyn at cavalier.rescue.usa@mac.com so she knows to review your application. This delightful pair of pups came to Arizona from Alaska (long story) so we are open to adopters from cooler climates so long as you are able to travel to AZ to meet, spend quality time, and adopt the pups. Thank you! 

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim, Tricolor
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Good
  • Temperament: Sweet and loving, get along well with other dogs.
  • Recommendations: Someone who is home most of the time who will walk the pups daily. Fenced or walled yard is necessary.
  • Location: Green Valley, AZ
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No