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Nani in Johnson City, TN

Just Adopted!

Hi, I am Nani. I just turned 10 this September, but I feel much younger. I came to my foster family when my former owner was no longer able to care for me. I loved her so very much and it was hard leaving her but I understand why I needed to go with my current foster family. It took me a couple of weeks to begin to adjust but I am doing very well now. My foster family are very nice people and I have made fast friends with Maggie, their 1 year Blenheim Cavalier, and Nicky, a 1 year old English Toy spaniel.

I love nothing better than to sit with my foster dad in his chair or the couch, even though at times it can get a little crowded. I can no longer jump like Maggie or Nicky so my foster mom or dad always help me up onto their laps. Sometimes I do have to put on my very best Cavalier pleading face to get their attention and that seems to always work. They bought a ramp for me to use to get on the couch but I still prefer to be picked up. It took me a little time to figure the ramp thing out but now I know how to use it (although I am not completely sure what the point of it is since I only want to be on the couch if my foster dad is on it and then he can simply pick me up). But there have been a few times when he was sleeping and then I did find the ramp helpful so that I could join him.

I love to go on walks and get excited when I see the leash come out knowing that a walk is coming. I do love walking with my foster parents. I also love to play ball. My foster dad says that I am the best Cavalier ball player he has ever been around. Whenever he brings out the ball I am ready. I might not be able to jump that well anymore but those two youngsters (Maggie and Nicky) can’t beat me to the ball, even though they try. I always bring the ball back and never tire of playing this game.

I love all people young and old, and I get along fine with other dogs. Someone asked my foster dad about Cats? I don’t know what that is and my foster dad told them he didn’t know, cause neither they or my former owner had cats. Apparently though I have been near a few while on walks, but I don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

I am really looking forward to finding a forever family that I can love as much as I have loved my former owner and my Foster family where I can enjoy my senior years sitting on laps, playing ball and being a comforting friend and companion.

If you are interesting in adding this sweet little dog to your family, please complete an application on our website and send an email to Sandy Medd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she is aware of your interest.


  • Color: Ruby
  • Age: 10
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Sex: Male
  • Medical Conditions: Healthy, does have luxating patellas, but has no pain from it and no surgery needed.
  • Temperament: Very sweet, a true lap dog, loves everyone, good with other dogs and gentle children.
  • Recommendations: Nani needs a family where someone will be around most of the time. A passion for playing catch is also a plus.
  • Location: Johnson City, TN
  • Region: Southern

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