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Blossom & Jaxon in Louisville, KY

Update 9-18-17: We are not longer seeking applications for this pair. Thank you!
This bonded pair are a mother and son duo. Blossom (aka Mama) is 11 years old and Jaxon is 7 years old. These two are stuck together like glue! They love each other very much. Both were surrendered by their owner when he moved out of state. 
Blossom is a very sweet laid back girl. Her owner said she was imported from England. She is hard of hearing, so it will take a little bit of patience as she cannot hear your commands. Although, she will let you know when she is hungry, thirsty, or needs to go out by being vocal to get your attention. She is housebroken. Blossom seems to do well with other dogs and strangers; however, she would do better in an environment with no small children as she can get startled. She loves her belly rubbed and will paw you if you stop petting her. 
Blossom has a healthy heart, is up to date on all vaccinations and is micro-chipped. Blossom had a pyometra in July. Since her hysterectomy she has recovered and is doing well. Blossom also had some much needed dental work after losing most of her teeth she has a cute smile and is able to eat dry dog food.
Blossom also has been diagnosed with early stage of arthritis in her back. This has not caused her any pain or problems thus far. The veterinarian also found several lumps on her chest that were surgically removed while in our care. She is healing well, but will need to have routine check-ups to ensure there is no reoccurrence. Through all this, Blossom has remained a very sweet and loving dog. She is a trooper!
Jaxon has the sweetest puppy dog eyes you have ever seen! He is a very gentle boy. He tends to stay with “Mama” and follow her lead. Jaxon loves to sit in your lap. He is house broken, but doesn’t tell you when he has to go outside like his mama does. Jaxon loves to chase bugs, flies, moths, etc. and if he is lucky enough to catch one – he will eat it! Another interesting thing about Jaxon is that he snores like an old man. He is so funny! On a more serious note, Jaxon does not play well with cats - so a home that is cat free would be best for this pair. 
Jaxon is up to date on all vaccinations and recently underwent a dental cleaning. He is also micro-chipped. 
Both dogs are crate trained – crated only when the foster family is away from home. Their foster family leaves the crate open during the day and both like to sleep in the crate during the day if they are not lounging on the couch with the family. Both dogs tend to be a little jumpy at times. The foster family has adapted and learn to move a little slower especially when going to reach for the dogs or petting the dogs. Fast movements seem to scare them a bit. This may be because of hearing issues. Blossom and Jaxon both walk well on leashes and don’m car rides either. Blossom and Jaxon would do best in a home with a family that isn’t always on the go. Both relish lots of love and attention and would thrive in a home where people are home during the day.
If you think these pups are the pair for you, please complete our online application and then contact Rescue Coordinator Miriam Long at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so she knows of your interest. Thank you!



  • Color: Blenheim
  • Birthday: Blossom: 11 Jaxon: 7
  • Weight: Blossom 20 lbs Jaxon 18 lbs
  • Sex: Male & Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Temperament: Both are very sweet and loving. Blossom is a little shy.
  • Recommendations: An adult home much of the time, no kitties.
  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Region: Southern

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