Jade in Nashville, TN

Update 6-13-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meet Jade, a joyful, sweet 4-year-old Blenheim Cavalier born 5/06/2018. She’s a bit shy warming up to strangers but once you give her some pets, you will become her best friend. She follows her foster family around the house and snuggles up close when they sit down on the couch. She enjoys playing with her foster sibling and she often has a toy in her mouth waiting to play tug of war or chase.

Jade loves to lay on a doggie bed next to her foster mom while she works and does not like being left alone for long. She would do best in a household with family working from home or there most of the time. She does sleep in the crate but takes several minutes to settle in for the night.

Jade would do well with another well-behaved dog to teach her social skills. She has been working on her basic commands but could benefit from further training. She walks well on leash and also enjoys a fenced in backyard with room to explore and smell. She learned how to use the doggie door and has enjoyed being able to come and go as she pleases. Sometimes she needs a bit of coaxing to stay outside and do her business. She is house trained with regular outings.

Jade is a bit nervous in the car but settles in after a few minutes. She’s done well during visits to farmer’s market and pet store. She is a bit scared of loud noises including those on television. She knows to go to you or a comfortable place to relax.

Jade has retired from breeding and is enjoying her next chapter in life. She was recently spayed and had several teeth removed. She also had an inguinal hernia repaired that the vet believes she should have no further issues. She has been such a joy in our home.

If you think you would be a good match for Jade and live within reasonable driving distance to Nashville, TN, please fill out the online application and email Liz Nigh at lizcavalierusa@gmail.com.

Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Reliable with regular outings
  • Health: Healthy
  • Temperament: Playful, happy, sweet, loving
  • Recommendations: Loving family that is home most of the time
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: No