Sadie & Josie in North Plainfield, NJ


Meet the most lovable, sweetest bonded pair. Sadie is an approximately 2-year-old Blenheim and Josie is a 3-year-old Ruby (born 10/6/2020) . These girls came to Cavalier Rescue USA after their family circumstances changed. Both girls have been spayed and are up-to-date on vaccines and monthly preventatives. Both have been diagnosed with grade 1-2 heart murmurs but neither require medication at this time. Josie is 18 pounds, and Sadie is a petite 12 pounds.

Sadie and Josie love to cuddle, give kisses, and play fetch! Sadie is a velcro dog and then some; she would sit in your lap all day if you let her. These girls love, love, love cuddles and play time, so their forever home must be prepared for some devoted companions! They’ll let you know what they want by either dropping toys in your lap or nudging your hand for constant love. They’re working on basic commands and know sit and wait pretty well.

The girls both enjoy going for walks but, hang on tight! If they see another animal or person, in their excitement, they bark and lunge trying to say hello. Although it has improved some, their new owner will need to continue to work on their manners and be sure to have a good grip when walking them. They love having a fenced in yard to explore, but if they see or hear another animal they will sprint towards it and bark.

Both girls can be left home for brief periods of time, but they enjoy having their family around all day if possible. Currently, when foster mom is out of the house, they are secured in the kitchen with their big comfy bed and access to their crate, but I’m sure they’d love to have free reign of the house.

Josie and Sadie will sleep together in a large comfy dog bed each night that is enclosed by a pet exercise pen. They will let you know if they need to go outside during the night, but for the most part will sleep through the night. If given the option, these girls would love to sleep with their humans. They just love to cuddle and be near you!

Housetraining is still a work in progress! Josie is learning to ring a bell when she wants to go outside, and Sadie just tags along. When taken out on a regular schedule there have been very few accidents, but their forever home will need to reinforce the training.

An active family that will help the girls burn up some of their energy is a must for these two. And endless games of fetch would be their dream. They have been around children as young as 5 and been great. They have not lived with other dogs, apart from meets and greets on walks, nor are they cat tested. Since they are such attention hogs, they would do well as the only pups in the house.

Josie has an inquisitive personality and if the fenced yard, or area she’s kept in in the house isn’t fully secured, she’ll find a way out. She has even managed to get up on the kitchen table. Sadie is full of energy and wants every toy, even if it’s in Josie’s mouth. The girls play well together and can entertain themselves. They will play tug-of-war together, chase each other, then snuggle up to sleep. Did we mention both girls will give endless kisses to their humans?!

If you live within a reasonable driving distance of North Plainfield, NJ and you are interested in adopting this bonded pair, please email Rebecca Plimpton at and fill out an application for them if you don’t already have an application on file.

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  • Color: Blenheim, Ruby
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Mostly; very few accidents but need a schedule. Josie will ring a bell to signal to go out.
  • Health: Grade 1- 2 heart murmur for both girls but asymptomatic.
  • Temperament: Beyond sweet and loveable. The girls want to sit on you and just give kisses all day long. Good with respectful children as young as five.
  • Recommendations: An active family that is home most the day to play fetch to their heart's content. A family that will continue to show love and attention as these girls can’t get enough. Not cat tested; best as only dogs. Fenced yard ideal.
  • Location: North Plainfield, NJ
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No