Maple Syrup in Glenmoore, PA

Kayla, a girl so sweet that she earned the nickname Maple Syrup, is a 7 year old retired breeder from a farm in Lancaster County, PA.  Despite her former life, she arrived at her foster home super happy and social, and ready to start learning what it means to be a beloved house dog. 

Upon her initial exam, an arrhythmia was detected. While in rescue she saw a cardiologist for an echocardiogram and it was determined that no medications are needed at this time, but she should be monitored for any changes.

On her preanesthetic bloodwork for her spay, her ALT (one of her liver values), was mildly elevated. It was rechecked a month later and had elevated further, so an abdominal ultrasound was recommended. The ultrasound findings were normal, and she will be receiving a daily liver supplement, to help give her some support.  While she is currently asymptomatic, her adopter should have this value rechecked in a couple months with her new veterinarian, sooner if she would become ill. 

She was also treated for a bilateral ear infection and seasonal allergies upon intake. Her ears have improved, but they are still being treated and cleaning regularly.  Her itching has improved dramatically after receiving a long lasting anti-itch injection at the veterinarian, followed now by a daily antihistamine and weekly baths.

Maple Syrup had a dental while in rescue. She was already missing teeth had quite a few extractions so she only has 4 teeth remaining. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying her dinner!

Her foster mom has gotten her down to a healthier weight with daily walks. It is important to keep Maple Syrup at a healthy weight. 

House training is coming along well. She gets taken outside every 2-3 hours during the day, and immediately after meals- just make sure to give her a small small treat once inside. Like many dogs, she isn’t thrilled to be out when the grass is wet, but she will still do her business. After being taken out late at night before bed, she will snore peacefully in her bed by her foster parent’s bed until morning, sometimes having to be woken up to start her day!

Maple Syrup gets very excited for her long daily walks, and doesn’t mind having her harness or leash on at all. Her sporty spanielness shines outside! Whether outside just to potty, or on a walk, if she spots a bird, butterfly, squirrel, or especially a rabbit, she wants to chase them all down. Her prey drive is strong- so a secure fenced in yard would be recommended for her.

She is around 3 respectful children in her foster home, the youngest being 5, and does great with them. She has not been around children younger than 5. She has also not been around cats. She loves walking up the road to get her foster brothers off the bus!

When she has been allowed to meet other friendly neighborhood dogs out on walks, she seems somewhat interested, but typically just sits submissively and lets them come to her to say hello.  She does seem to prefer calmer older dogs. She is much more excited to meet new people. 

While she loves being outside and is happiest on walks, the couch is her next favorite place to be, resting with her head on someone’s lap. If she’s awake, she’s the typical Velcro cavalier who will follow her foster mom from room to room, including the bathroom if she’s showering! 

She isn’t thrilled about being crated for a couple hours here and there when the family leaves, and will bark, but will typically be asleep upon their return. While they’re gone she usually has a little peanut butter in her Kong and music playing to help distract her. 

Sometimes she gets to go on car rides and she seems to enjoy them. Probably because she gets to be with her people! She is always excited to get in the car and settles quickly, laying down. She’s been to a few baseball games and enjoys watching them from her foster mom’s lap.

She really isn’t into the few toys she’s been introduced to. Sometimes she’ll go after one that’s a furry ball with a tail, which isn’t surprising! She would just really rather be sitting next to someone on the couch when inside versus playing. 

If your family is looking for an easy going gal with a love of the outdoors and exercise then Maple may be the right fit for you!

If you think you are a good match for Maple Syrup and live within a reasonable driving distance of Glenmoore, PA, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Melissa MacMullin ( so she knows of your interest.

 Online Application

PA license: 16547


  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Good when taken out regularly
  • Health: Heart arrhythmia (no meds needed), elevated liver enzymes (monitoring)
  • Temperament: Sweet, happy, loving 
  • Recommendations: Secure fenced-in yard
  • Location:  Glenmoore, PA
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT