Lady in San Jose, CA


Hi, I’m Lady, an exuberant 1 year old playful little Blenheim Cavalier. While I do enjoy snuggles, my favorite thing to do is play with anyone that is willing and available. I haven’t yet learned to fetch balls or tug on toys but I play a lot with my foster siblings, including a dog savvy cat. I also love chew toys of all sorts and can often be found happily chewing on an antler, bone, or other chew toy. I would love to have a playmate that’s willing to play with me, so my ideal home has another small, young dog in it that loves to play too! I’d also do best with someone who is home most of the time, so I can get a lot of potty breaks and walks! I’m good with new people and while I may be a little shy at first, it doesn’t take long for me to warm up and ask for attention and playtime.  

When I came to my foster home I was a very sick puppy and had just finished treatment for kennel cough and pneumonia. I had to be isolated because I had a hacking cough that seemed to last forever and a bad case of worms and parasites. After several rounds of tests and treatments my cough and my fecal tested clean and I had my spay surgery too! Yay! While I appear to be perfectly healthy now, there is a chance that I will be more susceptible to respiratory illnesses in the future, so the vet recommends regular immunization shots.

I absolutely LOVE to go on walks. My foster mom takes me out for a walk nearly every day for about an hour, but I think she just wants to wear me out so I’ll snuggle. One hour is usually enough walking, but I’d be happy with going out more often or for longer, I’ve still got a lot of puppy energy. I like to pull at the leash and run around checking out smells at first, but I am learning slowly how to behave on a leash, I do calm down after a while. 

Since I am a puppy I’m still a little naughty. If something moves quickly or runs I may bark and chase it. This includes outdoor cats, lizards, squirrels, and birds, bugs, you know how it goes.

I’m generally good with both my crate training and my house training. I sleep in my crate overnight and don’t have issues as long as I potty before bed and immediately when I get up. I do go outside when asked to and will do my business, provided I don’t get distracted.  I haven’t yet learned to ask to go outside, so I may have accidents, especially at first because I am still learning. I also have a small issue with submissive peeing when playing, especially if my playmate is too rough or scares me. If I’m put outside at regular intervals I rarely have issues though. 

I’m learning basic commands. I’ve got ‘sit down’ pretty well, but I still struggle with ‘stay’ and ‘come’. It’s so hard to stay still, everything is so exciting and it’s really hard to ‘come’ when there are so many interesting things to explore. I am looking for a home where I can continue my training with positive reinforcement and gentle, patient interactions while I figure it out.  

When I finally wind down I’m a precious little bundle of cuddles and I’ll even let you hold me upside down like a baby. If my humans aren’t available for snuggles, I find a place to curl up in as near as possible.  My favorite spots are usually places I jump up to, like a chair or couch. If I’m not allowed on your furniture, then I’m not a good fit for you. I like to snuggle with my foster siblings (if they’ll let me), even my cat playmate. I’ve actually figured out how to carefully curl up with him in our favorite chair without waking him up. Because I’m so good at jumping, a secure yard and fence is necessary.


If I sound like just the right Cavalier for you please let us know by completing an online application (if you haven’t already) and then contacting Jessica Ford I’m looking forward to finding my forever family.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Mostly crate and house trained. Occasional submissive urination.
  • Health: Healthy but may be sensitive to respiratory issues
  • Temperament: Playful, affectionate, and snuggly when tired. Loves to romp and play then wants to be close to her people while she naps. Can be a little shy but does well with new people. May be overly active and playful for some animals.
  • Recommendations: Someone to play with and wear her out, patience to complete her potty training.
  • Location: San Jose, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No