Lexi in Citrus Heights, CA


Here is the pup with her new moms…

Hi! My name is Lexi! My Foster Mom says I’m a really beautiful Blenheim Cavalier girl. I am spayed and I’m almost 2 1/2 years old being born on 4/18/2019! I have big beautiful eyes, stunning markings and I am really loving. I love to play and I have a lot of energy. I want to play all day long and until I’m ready to come for a snuggle.

I was given to Cavalier Rescue USA after my senior owner sadly passed away. I’m so glad that family members contacted Cavalier Rescue USA cause now I get a second chance of having a loving family who can teach me all the things I need to learn, and a home of my own.

I know I’m super duper gorgeous and look amazing in pink, but I do come with some girly issues. I guess some girls just gotta have some drama and issues, what can I say? Yep, I’m that girl. I suffer onsets of anxiety and OCD. Like, when I saw my Foster Dad put on a hat, I got so scared I cried and yelped for quite a while. I just couldn’t let the drama go! If TMZ was around they would have put me on their show cause I’m so extra! It’s hard for me to calm down after that kind of stuff, but eventually I do get over it. When I’m “into my dramatics” I’m really loud, so a single family home would be best cause I don’t wanna disturb your neighbors if you decide it’s a hat day.

Also, when I saw this cat named Katie, I totally lost my mind. I mean like, I literally freaked out and got kinda obsessed. My anxiety and OCD kicked in and, well, I got so panicked with her and trying to go after her, I just couldn’t stop yelping and trying to get through the door. I was told that was naughty behavior and my Foster Mom wasn’t pleased, and I have to save the drama for another day. She told me I really need to work on my attitude! Like duh! So we’ve been working on it, but she said for this reason, I did not pass the cat test. SIGH, sorry cat lovers! So, if you have a cat (inside or outside) or wear hats, I’m not gonna comfortable in your home so that’s out. Hey funny, those rhyme, cat and hat, ha!! You might be able to work on the hat thing, but cats… no way, never, I’m not having it!

My Foster family has been working with me to settle down when I get like that and just chill! I’m working on adjusting to unfamiliar situations. Everything is new to me and I wasn’t very socialized when I showed up. I just wanna feel safe and secure. I’m told I have shown some improvements while in foster care, so that’s good. When I first got into my Foster home, I wasn’t having fun yet. I was so scared I was kinda nippy at my foster siblings. Some dogs are okay, some I have a little attitude with. I’m adjusting to my new surroundings but it has taken some time and it might take some time in my new home, so I will need you to be an experienced dog savvy family with experience in training girls like myself who fear bark; and love me and work me through it. I do well being groomed! What girl doesn’t like having her hair did???!!!! RIGHT!

I really need a family who has a lot of time for me. I would benefit hugely from continued manner class, socialization, leash training, & basic commands. Oh my gosh, I pull when I’m on a leash, like I am fierce! Get out of my way, I’m Beyonce’ on the cat walk. Sorry, but no one had ever shown me the right way to walk on leash, so I just use my girly hips and pull! I need a lot of help with that. I do act right sometimes, I swear! I know how to sit when asked and I’m very sweet with humans, but I need practice learning to stay and with all the other basic commands. What can I say, I was allowed to just do my own thing and now there’s gotta be rules? Yuck!

I have another bad habit. I focus on doors & might try to bolt if given an opportunity. So, my new home will need to have a fully fenced yard and be able to train me to not go through the front door unless invited.

I have a large crate of my own. Some would say it’s probably too big for me but like diamonds, bigger is better. I was previously crate trained. My Foster Mom was told; I always sleep in my crate at night although if allowed & invited I’d prefer to snuggle next to my new family members in their big bed but you will need to train me not to jump off! I’m sure if you would bring me to bed I’d probably love it and sleep peacefully throughout the night. I just wanna be near you. I’m getting so much better with this but I might cry at first in my new home… we’ll see.

I have some food aggression but only with meals so I eat my meals without feeling threatened by my foster siblings in my crate to keep the peace. This works great for me cause I can eat at my own pace. I also wear my snood well and I look so cute in it! I have not shown aggression when treats are given & will patiently & politely wait my turn for my treat with the other Cavaliers.

My personality has continued to blossom into the sweetest little girl and I adore attention. I prefer my humans are close by, ya know, I get a little separation anxiety, so my future family needs to be home most of the time, or something like that. When resting or napping I enjoy being held & petted on your lap or laying next to you.

One of my favorite pastimes is chasing butterflies! My Foster Mom says I am the cutest Cavalier running around the yard as fast as I can chasing butterflies. I will point once I spot another butterfly & the chase is on!

You should know squeaky toys & squeaky balls are a favorite. Not to worry if a squeaky ball rolls under the furniture, I will begin my dramatics and I will alert you if I need help retrieving a ball like “hellooooo you gonna help me here or what?” I would be happiest being an only dog so I don’t have to worry about my food anymore, can ditch the crate and can get ALL the attention. This is my DREAM!

Other than the small bouts of anxiety, I’m pretty amazing and with the right family I know I can become an amazing girly girl for you!

If you think you are the perfect home for this pup and are a short distance drive to Fair Oaks, CA so we can do the proper meet and greets, please complete the online application if you haven’t already and then email Northern California Coordinator Jessica at smalldogbath@gmail.com  and tell her of your interest.  

Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Reliable
  • Health: Excellent
  • Temperament: Sweet, active, friendly, anxiety, OCD at times
  • Recommendations: Dog savvy family that will continue her training
  • Location: Citrus Heights, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED