Lizzie in Columbus, OH

Update 9-19-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Meet Lizzie, a beautiful 13 week old Cavapoo. She was born on, or around June 14, 2022 and will be ready to go to her forever home after September 17th. She is an adorably sweet and energetic puppy who really loves to cuddle.

Lizzie has a very healthy appetite and is eating regularly. Lizzie is doing quite well with house training and has very few accidents. She absolutely loves playtime and chasing her foster siblings.

She does have a small umbilical hernia that can be fixed when she is spayed. Since there was not a lot of information regarding Lizzie’s vaccinations, the vet is starting over and will be giving her the first series of vaccines on September 15th. Her new family will need to complete her puppy vaccines and have her spayed and microchipped when she is old enough. Documentation from adopters vet is contractually required prior to turning 9 months old.

Lizzie will be happy in a home with other dogs and older children, or in a single dog home with an owner who gives her ample activity and love. She does very well being crate trained at night and a little bit during the day, if we go out. Lizzie is very good on a leash and loves taking walks, which helps with her high energy. However, when she is tired, she loves to sleep in your lap.

If you’re interested in adopting Lizzie, please complete our online application, if you haven’t already, and then email Sherry Morgan so she knows of your interest.

***Please be certain to read the Process and FAQ sections on our website before contacting us about this pup. A home within 4 hours driving distance is required.***

Online Application

  • Color: Ruby
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Progressing well
  • Health: Umbilical Hernia
  • Temperament: Energetic, playful, cuddly
  • Recommendations: Someone home much of the day, children over age 5 if there are children in the home
  • Location: Columbus, OH
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No