Lucy in Greensboro, NC

Meet Lucy, a beautiful 10 year old that came into Cavalier Rescue USA when she was left by her former owners at a grooming clinic. The groomer reached out to us for assistance when she realized Lucy needed more help than she could provide.

Lucy arrived to us in quite a fragile state. She was very underweight, had severe dental disease, and itchy, scaly skin with patches of hair loss. We also noticed Lucy couldn’t hear. All this aside, she was a total sweetheart from day one! While a little shy and timid, she welcomed the love and attention and was a perfect patient during all of her vet visits. She quickly adjusted to the routine in her foster home and loved the company of her canine foster siblings.

Lucy has been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), which is a condition that affects the pancreas and its ability to produce needed enzymes to digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. This is a lifelong disease that, while cannot be cured, can be easily maintained by adding appropriate enzymes to all meals, monitoring blood levels, and giving any additional over-the-counter supplements needed.

Lucy’s current vet and foster mom worked together to find the regimen that works best for Lucy. She’s now on canned food soaked with pancreatic enzymes, an over-the-counter acid reducer, probiotics, and monthly B12 supplements. Lucy has absolutely thrived on this regimen and looks and feels like a new gal! She had spent her entire life prior to coming into rescue, undiagnosed, constantly struggling to gain weight. What a testament for just how strong and special this girl is to have persevered without getting the medical care she needed until now!

Her skin is normal now and her hair has grown in nice and thick, like a typical gorgeous Cavalier. She loves having all this fur now and soaks up the extra attention for bathing and grooming time!

Once she got strong enough, her current vet cleared her for a dental. She had multiple extractions and healed perfectly from the procedure. She feels so much better now that those infected teeth have been removed.

From day one in rescue, Lucy has been nothing short of perfect. She is potty trained and loves to use the doggie door in her foster home during the day, to go in and out in her securely fenced yard to potty and explore under the supervision of her foster parents. She currently sleeps in a baby-gated area with her foster siblings, but would likely really love to snuggle in the big bed with her new humans. She loves a good lap to snuggle in and soft, squishy dog beds! She isn’t a fan of crates or being left alone for long periods of time, so she needs a home where someone from her family is home most of the day.

Lucy is typically a quiet gal, but does enjoy a good bark when neighbors walk by the house, especially if her foster siblings are also barking. Considering she can’t hear, she often looks to them for guidance. Because of this, we are requiring that she goes to a home with another calm, like-sized canine companion to keep her company, and a securely fenced yard for them to sniff and explore in.

She’s very laid back and loves everyone, although she’s a little more shy and reserved than most Cavaliers. It does take her a little longer to warm up to strangers and new situations. We feel she would do best in a quieter home with no young children, or big young playful dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Lucy and live with a reasonable driving distance to Greensboro, NC, please fill out our online application and then contact Angie Hansing at to let her know of your interest.

 Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes and uses a dog door
  • Health: E.P.I. deaf
  • Temperament: Sweet, gentle girl who loves to be loved on. Very laid back
  • Recommendations: A person/family that is home almost all of the day; another friendly, calm, like-sized dog; no young children, and a secured fenced yard is a must.
  • Location: Greensboro, NC
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: Yes
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT