Margo in University City, MO

Update 9-18-22: We have received several good applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

My foster mom named me Margo, and I feel like it fits me. Before she took me in, I didn’t even have a name! I came to Cavalier Rescue USA from a large commercial breeding operation. The vet thinks I am about 7-years-old, although my foster mom says I look like a puppy because I am a tiny 12 pound bundle of Blenheim love. I am house trained and have only had one accident. That was the first day when I didn’t understand indoor manners. My foster brother & sister showed me the way.

When I went into the back yard, I could not believe there was so much room to run and all the squirrels and bunnies to chase! I am learning to walk on a leash, but it is just too distracting! I had trouble hearing but the vet said it was a bad yeast infection. I hear loud noises, mom claps loudly to get my attention, but sometimes I am just too busy chasing a cricket or squirrel to come. I do sit for my treats. They are pretty neat! I had never had any before!

At night, I get in my crate for my treat, but I would prefer to sleep on the big bed with my person. My foster mom also feeds me in my crate. I get distracted, wanting to see if my foster brother & sister are getting something better than I am!

Margo’s foster mom says: Margo has been here with us for a month. She had her dental, spay, and hernia repair on September 7th. She is healthy, and has a clear heart! Her stitches will be removed on the 22nd and she will be ready for her forever home.

She was exceptionally easy to potty train, and just wants love and belly rubs! She is a survivor, and has nothing but love to give. She will be your little shadow and follows me from room to room just because having loving humans in her life is such a wonderful experience. She is 12 pounds of love. Margo gets a little anxious when I leave to run errands, but has the company of her foster sister. She has been left uncrated for up to 5 hours with no accidents. She will get carsick on longer trips. Right now we are working on short rides to the nursery or to visit a friend. When people visit here, she is very social and gets right in there for a pet or for someone to hold her. One of Margo’s favorite pastimes is lying in the front window watching squirrels and bunnies. She did bark at them but not so much any more..

Margo was rescued from a horrible breeding situation, and had a grade 3 dental disease and gingivitis. She had 4 teeth extracted during her dental cleaning. She had an inguinal hernia and an umbilical hernia and both were repaired when she was spayed. She is heart worm clear and will be micro-chipped. After living in a 3ft x 3ft  foot cage for most of her life, the whole world is a new experience. Having a fenced yard is a must as she loves to run and chase anything that moves. We are working on leash training and come. Learning “come” has been a bit difficult if there is something more interesting, however she loves her people more than anything in the yard. She is an amazing and resilient girl, coming from that terrible background but still willing to love and trust people.

Margo is fed in her crate on a flat plate. This is because at first she was distracted by 2 other dogs, but mostly because one is on a special restricted diet. I think she was used to eating off the floor of her cage. She is a very dainty eater, and gentle when taking treats from your hand.

The vet believes she is about 7-years-old. Her heart shows no signs of the murmur which is so common in this breed. She loves to lie next to her person, and have her tummy rubbed. If you stop, she will often paw at your hand letting you know she wants more!! She would do well as an only child or with another small, easy going dog for company.

If you would can provide the forever home Margo needs, please fill out our online application if you haven’t already. Then, email Sarah Noebels at to let her know of your interest.

Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Healthy
  • Temperament: Loving, cautious, stoic, wants to be near you
  • Recommendations: Someone who is home a good part of the day, only dog or calmer dog companion, physically fenced in yard
  • Location: University City, MO
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No