Max in Alexandria, VA


Here is Max with his new family…

Hi, I’m Max! I’m a Blenheim male Cavalier, looking for my forever home! I think I’m around 6 years old. Everyone always tells me how cute, well behaved and easy-going I am.

Two things that excite me the most are eating and going outside. I eat really fast. My foster mom puts my food in this wobbly thing that if I push it around it dispenses food. She uses it so I won’t eat so fast. Going outside is my favorite thing, and sniffing all the smells. I especially love to sniff plants and other dogs when on walks. I love meeting other dogs and I could use a sibling to teach me how to play. I haven’t figured that out yet. I play inside some with toys but outside play with other dogs has me stumped. Speaking of being outside, I don’t chase birds or squirrels. I’m so well behaved. Although I will bolt so hang tight on my leash. There’s just too much to smell out in the world.

I’ve been staying with my foster mom for about a month. It’s been great because she works from home, gives me lots of attention and takes me on about 4 walks a day. She also has a set up where I can go to her outdoor space without her help, and I really like that. Having a yard to call my own would be really perfect. I’ve sometimes had the urge to mark so my foster mom has put a belly band on me, it doesn’t bother me though. I was just neutered and since then haven’t really wanted to mark.

I tend to lay on hard floors because they feel cooler to me than laying on a blanket or bed. Some carpet is nice too because my back legs can slide back when I’m sitting. I like to lay in my toy box or my foster’s mom’s laundry basket. I also like to lay right next to my foster mom and sometimes I lay on her. What makes me feel good is lots of pets, massages, rubs, and even a butt scratch.

A few weeks into rescue, I made some “yelps!” while out walking and my foster mom was concerned something was wrong. She took me to the neurologist, who put me into a long tube to figure out what was going on and how to make me feel better. The neurologist diagnosed me with mild COMS/SM, a spinal condition which sadly is common in Cavaliers. Thankfully I am in the mild stage and the doctor put me on a regimen of 2-3 long term medicines so that I will have no/few yelps. What’s reassuring is that I am not feeling continual pain, it’s mainly if I am picked up a certain way or pull toward a smell while on the leash. Most of the time you wouldn’t even realize there’s anything wrong. I’m a real mover and shaker and will even show you a few things about living life to the fullest.

I have also seen a cardiologist who says I have a grade III/IV heart murmur, not require meds at this time. I have a leaky right valve, but my heart hasn’t increased in size, so this puts me in the mild heart disease stage, B1, the early stage. It’s important that I stay healthy with lots of exercise (yay walks!) and a healthy diet and weight. My new family will need to establish a neurologist for me. Check ins can be mostly virtual – because my condition is episodic, there wouldn’t be much to examine during office visits at this time. Annual cardiologist appointments are also important for me. I am grateful to have the best team to make sure I am happy and healthy for a long time.

My rescue family says that I am a really special pup and I hope you do too. The ideal family for me is experienced and committed to managing my health. Someone who is usually home or will take me on short adventures would be perfect, as I feel very lonely if left alone. I am housebroken, and would love a fenced yard to smell and explore. A small companion pup would be nice, but no small humans please. Children have a lot of love to give but are not always the best match for a pup like me with a neurological condition.

I’m excited to hear about you and see if we’re a match. If you’re interested, please complete the online application and then email the Cavalier Rescue USA Virginia Coordinator Michelle Ouellette at so she knows of your interest.

Thank you,
Online Application

Our heartfelt thanks to photographer Anna Yurko ( for taking several of these lovely photos!

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: housebroken; reliable
  • Health: Heart condition – stage B1 mild, murmur grade III/IV, no medication needed. Neuro condition – mild stage COMS/SM managed with 2-3 medications.
  • Temperament: Easy going, sweet, nice to all beings, loves to be right by his human and often sleeps with his head on them.
  • Recommendations: Someone who is usually home, has a yard, and will take Max on multiple walks a day. Small companion pup. No children please.
  • Location: Alexandria, VA
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: Yes
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED