Mellie in Tacoma, WA


Here’s a picture of Mellie with her new family…

Hi! My name is Mellie, but my foster family calls me Mellie Belly because I love to roll over to get pets! I am looking for my furever family. Someone that I can give all my love to.


Personality & Hobbies: I love snuggles the most! I am great with new people and I have never met a stranger. I would love to go with your wherever you go and I adore car rides and would be an awesome office dog. In my free time, I like to DJ, I try to scratch out some hits on chairs, my dog bed and the carpet. My foster family calls me DJ Mellie and gently let me know that my second career as a DJ isn’t necessary as they will take care of all my needs. That chills me out and I settle into my other favorite hobby which is napping. I am super good at it. Spa day is my day to shine! I love baths and the blow dryer is my favorite, so primp me all you want.

Roommates & Household: When my people leave, I can get really sad and I sing the song of my peoples to comfort me. As a result, I would not be the best fit in an apartment where the neighbors may hear my operatic singing. Someone who has a stable routine would be my best forever since change stresses me out. My people are my favorite thing. So I would prefer to be in a home with only humans and no other dogs. I am always worried my foster siblings are trying to take my food, treats or my primo lap spot on the couch. I growl and lunge at them and will get into fights to defend my food or my peoples from other dogs, particularly smaller boy dogs. I am fine with disinterested cats and am very sweet and gentle with children.

I do love playing fetch and playing with toys! I am super curious and I will investigate every closet corner and cabinet to see what is in there. I’m suspicious of closed doors and assume you are hiding presents for me in there. I also love coffee table surfing looking for morsels of food because I love snacks. Just call me Scooby Doo!

Health: I came from a breeding situation where I had lots of babies. Now that I am in rescue, I get to just be Mellie. I got fixed, so empty nester life for me! I had really bad teeth but I just got my teefers cleaned up. My mouth is feeling much better, but I need someone that is going to be committed to keeping my teeth clean so I don’t have an ouchy mouth. I am 20 pounds and I could stand to lose some baby weight – my ideal weight would be about 18 pounds. I need a family that can help get me to my goal weight. I was screened by my vet and I am heart, knee, eye and hip clear at 5 years old which is amazing! I got all my shots and microchipped. And I am otherwise super healthy! Yay!

Training: I can sit and stay but I have a hard time doing it if my foster siblings are there because they are so distracting. I have a natural talent for dancing and sitting on my back legs, so I have lots of other things I know I can learn from you! I am also reliably potty trained and have had zero accidents in my foster home or on vacation in new places. That being said, I am given lots of opportunities to be successful and go outside. I am also wonderfully crate trained and I often run to eat, nap and relax in my open kennel. I sleep in a kennel at night but I also wouldn’t mind being in the big bed if I’m allowed. I am easily redirected by food, so show me those treats and I will be super attentive!

Mellie’s best chance for a successful placement is with a dog-savvy person/s where she’ll be the only dog. She has resource guarding around food, treats, and her special person. As such, our focus is finding her a home where she’ll be the only dog; however, she may do okay with a senior dog that is not people or food focused. She is not a good fit for apartment living due to her barking/noises due to separation anxiety and stress from changes in her environment. She’s such an incredible dog and will thrive in the right home.

If you’d like to be considered for her new family and live within easy driving distance of her foster home, please complete the online application (if you haven’t done so previously) and email rescue coordinator Melissa Cincotta at so she knows of your interest. You can read about our adoption process at the following links: Process & FAQ

Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Excellent
  • Health: Healthy
  • Temperament: Quirky, sweet and needy. Lots of hugs and snuggles needed. Resource guarding.
  • Recommendations: No other dogs, older children ok, low alone hours, house rather than apartment.
  • Location: Tacoma, WA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED