Molly in Pasadena, MD


My name is Molly. I had a doggie sibling that lived with me until about a year ago when he went to the Rainbow Bridge. Then, my mommy left me too. I came to Cavalier Rescue USA because my mommy got too sick to care for me. So, I’m hoping that Santa brings me a new forever home for Christmas. I’d like a quiet home with adults who are home most of the time. I’d like another Cavalier around to help me feel comfortable, but I don’t necessarily want to play with it. I’d like a family who is patient with me, treats me really gentle, and feeds me well. I eat homemade puploaf now, and I really like bananas! I have a very nice foster family. Now, my foster mom will tell you more about me.

Molly is a sweet, tricolor girl who turned 8 on August 7th. Molly was extremely shy when she arrived. She would run from us and when finally resigned to being picked up, she would flatten on the ground. She needed a guide dog to let her know everything was going to be okay. There are other Cavaliers here, and that has been very helpful for her. Another doggie sibling would be helpful for Molly as she tends to follow the leaders here.

Molly was extremely obese, coming in at 31.5 pounds. She has been on a diet and is now a svelte 18 pounds, her perfect weight. She needs a new owner who will keep her slim and healthy and say no to those beautiful begging eyes.

Molly was thoroughly vetted, had a rabies vaccination, had a dental (and lost no teeth), and had a small mass removed from her anal gland area. She is healthy, microchipped and she has no heart murmur. Molly has dry eye in both eyes and will need Optimmune ointment in her eyes twice a day for life (approximately $80 per month). She shows a few signs of having allergies, so that will be something to monitor.

Molly likes car rides and does well on long trips. Molly has a very cute woo-woo and almost howls when she gets excited. She will bark occassionally. Molly is doing well on housetraining with our doggie door, but you will need to get her into a routine in her new home and ensure she knows where to go. Molly is a typical diva Cavalier so she doesn’t like to get her feet wet. You must be extra careful when it is raining or the grass is wet that she doesn’t find a spot inside.

Molly is becoming more comfortable around people, and she will stop to visit on her walks if someone comes up to us. She is not a snuggler, but she is in a foster home with multiple dogs. She likes pets now and she wants a lap for her own, not to share with many others. She will lay in a lap with one other dog, but if a third comes, she leaves. She also naps snuggled next to one Cavalier, but more than one, and she moves away. Molly is drawn to the other tricolor Cavaliers in her foster home. Molly loves to sleep in the big bed with her humans.

Molly needs a caring soul who will love her into her older years without a lot of expectations in return. Could that be you?

If you are interested in adopting Molly, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Rescue Coordinator Nancy Persinger at so she knows of your interest. Thank you!

Online Application 

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 8 Years
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • Health: Dry eye
  • Temperament: Sweet and shy
  • Recommendations: A quiet home with someone around much of the time and another sweet Cavalier
  • Location: Pasadena, MD
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED