Ollie in Martinez, CA

Say Hello to our little 2 year old, WILD CHILD OLLIE!

Because he’s a Dog Model (literally) and he is so good looking, we are going to get to the important stuff first…

Behavioral Issues: Ollie has some behavioral issues and will need a home with important items in place. In the past Ollie has had an issue with “swallowing things whole”. While he has not done this in his Foster home (due to her preparedness and tidiness) it is possible that he will do this in the future if not watched. This could result in a future surgery if not watched appropriately. He is especially interested in small toys, fuzzy fabric items, undies, socks, scrunchies and toilet paper ( so keep those doors closed). We will consider homes that have tidy floors, lids on garbage cans, laundry baskets etc. Because of this, we cannot adopt to a family with young children. Ollie needs to be in an adult home free of legos, little toys and even small items that may be on the floor .

Leash Aggressive: Ollie is leash aggressive. On walks, Ollie will bark out of control at other dogs. This is behavioral and his future Parents will need to be experienced with training high energy dogs, leash aggression and be patient as you train him “good walking behavior”. In the home he enjoys engaging with other dogs and loves to chase and play. He loves walks and does really well on leash, but he is reactive when passing other dogs on leash, so that will likely be helped with some confidence boosting and training. He would love to go on hikes and adventures but should be ‘on leash only’ which makes this tricky and require further training.

Separation Anxiety / OCD: Ollie has some separation anxiety and a little OCD. He becomes very obsessed with “whatever he’s into” and it’s hard to pull him away from what he wants to focus on. This issue is behavioral and with the right handler, can be trained. When you leave your home to go to the store you must crate him (even though he may protest) for his safety, so he doesn’t ingest anything while you are gone.

Digging: Ollie is a “digger”. If you love your pristine backyard and gardening is your thing, you will not be pleased with what Ollie will do to it. Not “might do it it”, he will do it. If you have grass or dirt, he WILL dig in your yard, make holes, try to dig up a mole and could possibly dig under your fence if not watched. Your fence will need to be as tight as San Quentin State Prison to insure Ollie stays home where he’s safe. Again, this is behavioral and we believe he can be trained to stop.

Resource Guarding/ Food Aggression: Ollie has displayed “resource guarding” and food aggression. His Foster brother didn’t react to his mean growls so there was zero fighting going on, which is awesome. Because of this, if you have another dog it MUST be a very submissive dog. The dogs will be tested together during the meet-and-greet to see how this pairing will work. Ollie does enjoy other dogs in the home and is playful and full of energy. We think Ollie would enjoy a submissive, playful sibling, but it will need to be the right match as he is very dominant. He has these issues with his belongings that can likely be worked through (food bowl, bed, and crate mainly). He is being fed separately of resident dogs currently and that has worked well.

Now for the GOOD STUFF….

Puppy Energy: Ollie has LOADS of puppy energy. He needs long walks, hikes, beach walks. We are looking for a very active family for him. He absolutely loves water (baths, puddles, you name it, he loves it)  he thoroughly enjoyed the recent rainy weather and has no problem going out to potty in the middle of a downpour! He needs to be with you, active, running, jumping, climbing, but because he is a Cavalier, he should never be “off leash” on a hike as if he see’s a bird or butterfly he will run and may not come back. This is very important.

Ollie is potty trained and will use a dog door. If no access, he will gently scratch on the door to let you know he needs out.

He knows many voice signal commands (but will likely need treats and a bit of re-work to get them to be used regularly).

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Leave It
  • Wait
  • Shake
  • Kennel
  • Come
  • Heel

Ollie is super friendly and playful with other similar sized dogs, in the home or in a gated area. He is a bit intimidated by his larger sized foster brother, but does just fine with her.

Ollie loves playing with toys and playing chase/keep away with other dogs. He never stops! The puppy energy is strong with this little one and he needs you to allow him the freedom to run everywhere with a lot of stimulation to keep him happy, therefore we will only consider homes where the family is home most of the time, where he can be watched and exercised. He will not do well being crated for 8 hours while you are at work, but small increments are okay for his safety.

He loves car rides, but will need to be seat-belted or crated in because he tends to get very excited/anxious seeing other dogs/cats out the window.

He is crate trained and happily sleeps in his crate at night.  He may bark a bit when you first put him in during the day, but he does settle down, again this is his “safe place” so he doesn’t swallow anything while he can’t be watched.

He is a bit head shy on meeting new people at first, but warms up quickly. Treats help! Ollie is not your typical, calm, snuggly lap dog because he’s still in the energetic puppy phase, as time and training go by he will become an adult and settle. If you lift your hand toward him in the wrong way, he cowards or may run away from you and hide under a table. He acts like you might hurt him if you try to pick him up in the wrong way, so he’s a little shy at first, but once you gain trust, he calms. Like most dogs, he doesn’t respond well to yelling or big physical energy, or pulling on him, but responds well to calm, loving positive reinforcement and treat training.

If you are ready to love on this gorgeous boy and you live within a short driving distance to Martinez, CA please send our Northern California Coordinator, Jessica Ford an email to smalldogbath@gmail.com and let her know of your interest.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Reliable
  • Health: Good
  • Temperament: Sweet, very active, busy, anxiety / OCD at times
  • Recommendations: Active adult family, that is good with training, secure fence.
  • Location: Martinez, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT