Orion in Cinnaminson, NJ


Here is Orion with his new family…

Hello, and welcome to Orion’s world. Pronounced O’Ryan, he shines as bright as the stars in the constellation of the same name. Orion is an approximately 6-year-old male Blenheim Cavalier released from a commercial breeder.

He came into foster care emaciated  but is now at a healthy weight of 19 pounds. His teeth were in horrible condition, some of which had been reabsorbed by bone. Orion underwent two separate dental procedures because the time under anesthesia was too long to complete the process in one session. Orion has 10 teeth remaining, but this doesn’t diminish his enjoyment of mealtime.  Orion is a speed eater, so it’s best to feed him separately since he will help his pack mates finish their food if given the chance. 

Upon arriving at his foster home, Orion was evaluated and referred to a veterinary cardiologist.  Orion was confirmed to have a grade 3 murmur, common in the breed. He currently has no symptoms, but has been placed on Vetmedin twice a day. He will need to be seen by a board certified cardiologist every 6-12 months and may require additional meds in the future.

Despite his rough start, Orion has personality plus. He is a very curious, playful, athletic boy. While he is 6 years old, he acts very much like a puppy. He loves his foster siblings and should have at least one other dog of similar size and temperament. He loves to play zoomies and fetch in the yard. Orion has been exposed to cats, and in general is okay with them but he does tend to chase them in a playful way.

Orion is a champion snuggler. He loves being very close, curled up in a little Blenheim donut. Orion also loves toys and his favorite are the harder rubber type chew toys. Orion will also steal any paper type items, unguarded snacks, or small items left laying around so his family will have to be careful he does not have access to such things. He gives up his prizes readily though.

Orion loves people of all sizes but little ones with little toys would not be the safest environment for him. Orion likely spent much of his life in a cage so, although Orion is crate trained, he should not be left crated for too long at any one time. Orion walks on a leash, but he is a strong boy and may need some additional work to improve his walking manners. Orion would love to have the privilege of sharing the big bed with his pack mates and human people. He enjoys sleeping snuggled against his chosen humans!

When he came to rescue, he was not yet neutered and he had an urge to mark his territory, but since his neuter that has greatly reduced and he is now housebroken, although in new surroundings he may regress and need a belly band for a short time. He is just beginning to alert to go potty by sitting at the backdoor, but once in a new home he may develop a different signal.    

Orion is a super sweet, friendly, playful boy who deserves a home of his very own with a family who will keep him safe and healthy. An ideal home for Orion would include someone home during the day, another dog of similar size and temperament, a clutter-free home with vigilant family members given his desire to chew, a very secure fenced yard and someone willing to continue to monitor his heart conditions with regular trips to the cardiologist. And, of course, someone available for snuggles and cuddles!

If you are looking for a sweet and playful boy and live within reasonable driving distance of Cinnaminson, NJ, please email NJ Coordinator Rebecca Plimpton at beckplimpton@gmail.com expressing your interest in Orion.

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  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Grade 3 heart murmur that requires medication
  • Temperament: Sweet, cuddly, curious and playful pup who enjoys people and other dogs
  • Recommendations: Someone home most of the day, another resident pup, fenced yard
  • Location: Cinnaminson, NJ
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED