Penny in Republic, MO

Update 9-21-23: We’ve received several promising applications for this pup so aren’t taking more for now. Thank you!

Penny came to Cavalier Rescue USA from a large commercial breeding facility. She is a precious and loving Ruby Cavalier.

We were told her birthday is 6/2/21 which would make Penny two years old, however her veterinarian thinks she may be closer to four years old. Penny is ready for a caring family to adopt her and spoil her in her forever home. Penny is calm and timid, but occasionally has bursts of energy where she runs around the house or in the backyard with her two furry foster siblings, wanting to play. 

You can often find her with a small stuffed animal toy in her mouth. Penny loves being around other dogs, and has learned how to be a “pet” from her two foster siblings. She has learned how to go up and down stairs, how to walk on a leash, how to play with toys, and that treats are delicious! She has come a long way over the last three months!

Penny is great with kids, but isn’t a huge fan of big crowds or loud noises. She is slowly coming out of her shell and gaining more confidence in new places, but that is one thing she is still learning. Penny is a bit timid around males, so she would do best in a household where the primary owner is a female.

She has been crate trained during the day, but is used to going outside to potty every few hours. 

She is still working on potty training, so an owner with a lot of patience is a must. She needs to be let outside consistently, and does best when we stay outside with her to give positive praise and a treat. A fenced-in backyard is ideal, as she doesn’t typically potty while on leashed walks.

Penny’s health has improved tremendously over the past three months. Since coming to Cavalier Rescue USA she has been brought up to date on her vaccinations, has been spayed, had her teeth cleaned, and has gained a few much-needed pounds. She has had a few teeth pulled, so giving her food specifically for small dogs is needed. 

Some of Penny’s favorite things are going on walks, going for car rides, getting treats and snuggling with those that love her. Her little bark is absolutely precious! If you are interested in Penny, please complete our online application, if you haven’t already, and then email Sarah Noebels at so she knows of your interest. 
Online Application

  • Color: Ruby
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: A work in progress. Needs patience and consistency while she learns.
  • Health: No medical conditions.
  • Temperament: Calm and timid.
  • Recommendations: Quiet home with female as primary owner. Fenced-in yard. Kids OK.
  • Location: Republic, MO
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No