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Meet Sonny, a nearly 6-month old male Cavalier. He tested positive for the Parvo virus upon arriving in rescue in Michigan. That was when he was 4-months old. He survived a grueling five nights at the vet clinic, receiving around the clock medical care that without question saved his life. His foster mom recalls one night when the vet told her “if he doesn’t show some improvement by morning, we will have to have a very difficult conversation.”

Despite the odds being decidedly against him, as most puppies diagnosed with Parvo die from the virus, Sonny has recovered from Parvo and is thriving in the care of his foster family. Every morning he chases his older foster Cavalier brother up and down the hallway and wrestles with his bigger foster brother Cavalier every evening. He plays fetch with his foster mom, before snuggling up with her right before bedtime. He is building up great muscle strength and slowly adding weight. He’s up to a whopping 7.8 lbs! He has the heart of a survivor, the spirit of a fighter, and an amazing zest for life.

Unfortunately though, since recovering from Parvo, Sonny has been unable to keep down solid foods. Because of the frequent vomiting that accompanies Parvo, the esophagus can become constricted, making swallowing quite difficult. Sonny currently can only eat watered down canned food and is at risk of choking.

Sonny will need a CT scan, endoscopy, and a series of balloon inflations. The balloon inflation is performed under anesthesia and inflates the constricted esophagus to allow greater size and flow of food. The procedure is repeated within 5 days to help prevent the esophagus from narrowing back down, and a third balloon inflation is usually necessary. The estimated cost for Sonny’s care is over $6,000, a lot, we know, but we want to give this precious boy the opportunity to have a normal, happy life.

Before he can be posted for adoption, this little nugget of a fighter needs your assistance to get these greatly needed medical procedures.

Please donate to help Sonny get the care he needs.

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Sex: Male
  • Location: Michigan
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: Yes
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT