Prada in West Hills, CA

If food and treats equal love, I came from a very, very, loving home. Yes, I’m a big girl. Too big according to the vet and my foster mom at 27 lbs, but I have been working on my waistline and one of these days may actually see it again. My new home will have to help keep me on track, as this will help my heart, knees, and general health.

My first couple of days in foster care were confusing. Suddenly I found myself in new surroundings after my mom had to go into something called “assisted living”. It took me a bit to figure out where I fit in with my new foster siblings, where I needed to do my business, my foster mom’s work schedules, who got to sleep where, and my favorite time of the day, mealtime.

I’ve had a few accidents in the house, but it turns out that I had a UTI. My new vet quickly confirmed that I had a UTI and put me on a course of antibiotics. Along with the cranberry supplement that I now get, the UTI, and accidents in the house, are a thing of the past. I’ve also figured out the doggie door, at least to come back into the house. I’m not very graceful about it but I can do it.

During the week, you will find me in the home office. I’ve staked out the area under the desk at foster mom’s feet. This has become my favorite place. My two foster siblings switch back and forth between the cool mat and the dog bed. We usually are ushered out into the backyard a couple of times during the day for potty breaks and to stretch our legs. If left to our own devices, we would probably sleep all day.

I’m currently sleeping in a crate at night. I don’t mind this as it’s a very large crate that allows me to move around and get super comfy. I’ve heard my foster siblings mumble something about the crate being left over from when my foster parents had Dalmatians. If my new family wanted me to sleep in the “big bed”, I’d have no objections. 

Did I mention that I love mealtime? I eat twice a day, more if I can convince you that I’m starving. Although I lost most of my teeth during my anesthetic dental procedure, I eat softer food now with zeal and delight. Currently my menu is Small Batch chicken or turkey, with a little of Dr Harvey’s Paradigm. Need to watch those carbs. I do get the occasional treat, usually after I’ve gone outside or when I go to bed for the night.  

Have you ever wondered what a dog wishes for? In case you have, here’s my wish list:

  • A forever family to love and cuddle with me. I like respectful kids
  • A space on the couch next to you. You will have to help me on and off the couch or help me get used to using a ramp.
  • A house without stairs. I’m ok with a couple of them, but it’s tough on my knees.
  • A fenced yard so that I can explore at my leisure.
  • Walks around the neighborhood, but not too far, at least for now.
  • Car rides, maybe we could go shoe shopping!
  • Regular baths and pedicures so I always smell fresh & look pretty.

Now a few words from my foster mom ~ Prada is an 8 year old Blenheim girl born 5/14/2014. She does have some mobility issues due to her knees. They don’t seem to be painful, they just don’t always cooperate. Stairs can be a challenge, a few steps are ok. Prada does better on flat, non slip, surfaces. Healthwise, she has a grade 2-3/6 murmur, luxating patella’s, and arthritis. She is on Gabapentin 100 mg 2x a day, Vetmedin 2.5 mg 2x a day and Rimadyl 75 mg ½ tablet at dinner.

Prada is very cautious with new people and things but warms up quickly. There have been no problems being around our two dogs. She would do well with or without a doggy companion. We don’t know about cats. Prada does get grabby with treats. We are working on being gentle when taking them. She has done very well around our grandchildren.

Would you like to become Prada’s fitness partner? If she sounds like the companion you would like to have and you live within a comfortable drive for a meet and greet in West Hills, CA, please complete an online adoption application, if you haven’t already done so. Then send an email to our Southern California Coordinator, Donna Beirne at so she knows of your interest in Prada. 

Please read about our adoption process and frequently asked questions on the following links: Our Adoption Process and FAQ. 

Online Application


  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 8 Years
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Good with regular outings to the backyard
  • Health: Overweight; heart murmur; luxating patella’s; arthritis.
  • Temperament: Very sweet and loving
  • Recommendations: Single story home, with few or no stairs to access backyard. A fenced yard with someone home most of the time. Continued daily walks to help with mobility and weight loss. A ramp or a couple of doggie steps to the couch or big bed.
  • Location: West Hills, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: Yes
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT