Rex in Martinez, CA


Here is Rex with his new family…

Hi! I’m Rex! I am a super handsome, 4 year old, 24 lb, male, Blenheim Cavalier. My health is excellent, I’m fixed and up-to-date on shots. I love my adult humans and doggy pals and am the cuddliest guy, BUT I have a couple bad habits that we need to just get out of the way, so you know me, before you apply for me.

I am a resource guarder. It’s my flaw. It’s a bit of a fetish with slippers & Uggs specifically (who blames me?)  and maybe, sometimes food or a high value treat. In the beginning my Foster Mum hand fed me one kibble at a time so she has control of the food, and I think that’s a fun game! Now she just feeds me in a different room from the pack so I don’t have to worry about competition or anyone stealing my food.

In my past home, I had been known to growl or snap at the teenagers who I grew up with if they came near my prize possession. I guarded my food or favorite shoes when they were around, or even my favorite person. I’m doing much better at my Foster home and I like the calm energy in the house that she provides, which settles my anxiety. I’m basically awesome there. I will still try to guard if I get a hold of a slipper, but there’s no kids, so I just snuggle it and own my slipper that I desire, and I look adorable doing it. My Foster Mum says adopters should understand how to manage resource guarding in the household and “put your slippers away”. Due to this, we are looking for a home without kids so that Rex can settle in and learn with his new adult family. He’s superb with adults and so snuggly.

As we said, Rex is much happier in an adult only home. Now, he gets a tad overly excited to go on walks, to the dog park, preparing to leave the car, in the car, you know, the fun – fun things, and he often lets out some anxious cries and spins to show his excitement, but he settles down once he knows he’s going to be included. So, if you hear him and his high pitched antics, don’t worry, he’s just vocal sometimes and practicing his Mariah Carey high notes!

He loves doing zoomies around the yard and his tail rarely stops wagging. Even though he has some quirks, he’s so awesome and those runway model – good looks sure do put a smile on my face.

He is great in the car (after he settles) and loves to sit in the front seat and snooze next to you.

He is potty trained. He learned the doggy door in one day at his foster home and is taking himself out, as needed. He has also been previously trained to scratch at the door so if you don’t like that, I suggest you make sure you have a doggy door for him.

He has done well being alone for periods of time with initial crying, but as all Cavaliers do, he would prefer to spend as much of his time as possible with you, therefore, we will be looking for a retired or work from home, quiet lifestyle for him. If you work full time out of the home, this will not be a good fit. 

Rex loves walks and is pretty good on leash. He does pull a bit, but nothing too bad. He does well with my pack, however he did go after one of my dogs with a bark warning once. He was resource guarding a slipper. My dog didn’t care and looked at him like “what’s your issue dude?” So, if your dog at home is like that, submissive and calm, another dog would be fine. If your dog would react to this behavior, then we feel that a home with no other animals (including cats) would be best. Other than the resource guarding, to me, he’s just perfect.

If you are interested in adopting this gorgeous boy Rex and live within a reasonable driving distance to Martinez, CA, please fill out an adoption application, if you haven’t already, and then email Jessica Ford at to let her know of your interest.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 4 Years
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Reliable
  • Health: Excellent
  • Temperament: Super loving, cuddly, and eager to please, but some resource guarding and anxiety
  • Recommendations: Adult family with someone home most of the time to provide companionship, training, and exercise
  • Location: Martinez, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED