Riley in Nashville, TN


Here is the pup with his new family…

This is Riley. He is a beautiful male 3 year-old Blenheim Cavalier. Riley was released from a Cavalier breeder into rescue. He has spent his life so far in a kennel and is still learning how to be a treasured pet. Since he is still learning, it would be best if he had a fur-sibling to help show him the ropes.  

Riley has never had a chance to learn about playing with toys, but does enjoy hoarding all the stuffies he can take to his bed. He is learning to walk well on a leash and enjoys walking with the other dogs in the house on the trails. Riley gets along nicely with all the other pups in the house and loves to snuggle with them.

This adorable boy was not raised to be with people, and is very shy and timid on meeting new people. He is a hesitant with strangers, and will take a bit of time to warm up to them, but once you gain his trust, he will follow you anywhere. Because of his fears, it would be best for him to have a fenced yard so he feels safer.  

On coming into rescue, it was noticed that Riley had an unusual gait in his left rear leg. He was evaluated by an orthopedic vet and underwent knee surgery to stabilize his tendons in the knee. He has since recovered nicely, but still walks a little strange. The vet said that should lessen as he learns to walk with his newly corrected knee, but could take up to 6 months or more. Riley was neutered and microchipped while in rescue. He is very healthy, up to date on all his immunizations and weighs about 15 pounds. He is very reliable with house training, and has had no accidents while with his foster family. 

If you are interested in adding this adorable boy to your family and live within reasonable driving distance (usually 3-4 hours) of Nashville, Tn, Riley would love to meet you.  Just complete the online application if you haven’t already and send an email to Sandy Medd at to let her know of your interest in Riley and where you are located. 

Online Application 

  • Age: 3 Years
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Very reliable
  • Health: Excellent
  • Temperament: Skittish until he gets to know you
  • Recommendations: A loving home with a fenced yard, another fur sibling to show him the ropes
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED