Riley in Rogersville, MO

Update 5-14-24: We think we have identified a loving home for this boy so aren’t taking more applications for now.

Meet Riley! Riley is a sweet-natured, energetic, and playful boy who came to Cavalier Rescue USA through a good Samaritan. He is a healthy one-year-old born 9/5/22 with no ongoing physical health concerns. However, Riley currently takes medication for anxiety, but has improved since being neutered, and this is being reduced.   When he first came to his foster home, he preferred to stay in his crate and refused to eat. He was skittish, shy, and flinched when held or touched. Riley appeared to have little experience with people, other dogs, or household routines. The medication has helped Riley to adapt to his new surroundings. He is still very much a puppy, but in his previous life, he never had the chance to learn how to be a dog and interactions with humans were not always positive. 

Since his first days in foster care, Riley has blossomed! He overcame his initial fears and began eating like a champ. Riley takes treats and licks cheese from his foster mom’s hand. He plays with his Cavalier housemates, enjoys chewing on bones, and loves toys! 

Riley is an active boy who will follow his foster mom around the house. He has forged a strong bond with his Cavalier housemate buddies and settled nicely into his foster home. Riley knows his name and will come when called. He walks well on a leash but needs additional training for basic commands such as sit and down. Riley is crate-trained and sleeps all night in his crate. He potties on a schedule and very few accidents since his neuter.  

Although Riley has significantly improved, he remains cautious with people, jumps at sudden movements and is not yet a true snuggler. He has, however, started sitting in his foster mom’s lap and snoozing.  He has not shown any aggression or possessiveness while in his foster home. He is an intelligent young boy, learns quickly, and has a strong food drive, which makes training easier. Time and patience are essential to Riley’s progress and future success with people and new experiences.

Riley will make an ideal companion for individuals and couples with the time and patience to work with Riley on his people skills, home manners, and basic obedience. He will do best in a home with established routines and another easy-going, mature dog. Riley does require a fenced yard. 

Please fill out our online application if you can provide Riley with a loving, forever home. Then, email  Sarah Noebels at  to let her know you are interested in Riley. If you already have an application on file, just email Sarah to let her know of your interest in this specific pup.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Reliable on a schedule.
  • Health: Healthy physically, currently taking a medication for stress-related anxiety, but this is being cut back.
  • Temperament: Sweet-natured, playful, shy, around people
  • Recommendations: Someone home during the day, patient, tolerant, and willing to train. Suitable for individuals and couples with established routines and another easy-going, mature dog in the home.
  • Location: Rogersville, MO
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No