Robbie in Harrisburg, PA


Here he is with his new mom…….

Robbie is a handsome 7-year-old Blenheim Cavalier whose birthday is in November 2015. He came to Cavalier Rescue USA because both of his humans passed away and no family members were able to keep him. He is healthy, active, and loves, loves, loves to be with people. When in a new place, Robbie is quite the greeter and wants to meet everyone in sight. When at home, Robbie is content to sit at your side or snooze nearby.

Robbie is crate and house trained, is a perfect gentleman, and is good with other dogs. He has always lived with another dog, so the ideal home for him would be one with a canine companion (regardless of size) although he would be okay in a home by himself where he is not left alone for extended periods of time. 

The perfect home would be one that encourages Robbie to be active as he came to rescue rather plump. He DOES LOVE his snacks! (Since coming to rescue, Robbie has slimmed down from a portly 35 pounds to a much slimmer 29 pounds! He could still lose another pound or two, though, so don’t fall for his soulful eyes.

Robbie loves to ride in the car (in his crate) and starts to dance around as soon as he sees his leash and harness! He also loves to play fetch and will bring a toy or ball ALMOST back to you! But, he is happiest when he is with his human! His human family has (in the past) included children so he is also child safe and would make a devoted companion for someone of any age.

Robbie personifies the perfect Cavalier personality and If you are interested in adding him to your family, please complete our online application (if you haven’t already) and email Melissa MacMullin at so she knows of your interest. We would prefer that you live in a reasonable driving distance from Harrisburg, PA.

Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: No medical issues other than weight
  • Temperament: Personifies the perfect Cavalier temperament
  • Recommendations: Prefers home with another dog
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED