Rosie in Minneapolis, MN


Rosie is a sweet, loving and gentle soul who came into rescue when her elderly parents passed away. She’s 9 years old (born 5/29/13) and loves to spend her day looking out the window, lounging outside, and cuddling with her people. 

When Rosie joined us in foster care, she was treated for an UTI and had surgery to remove a golf ball size kidney stone. Although she doesn’t indicate when she needs to go outside, there haven’t been any accidents since the surgery when giving her lots of opportunities to go outside. She is up-to-date on vaccinations, at her ideal weight (17 lbs) and is heart healthy. The vet detected degeneration of her spinal discs which is a common and age-related condition (IVDD). It doesn’t seem bother her but a home with few stairs and without rambunctious dogs would be best just in case.

Rosie loves being by her people and would do best with someone who is home majority of the time. She loves laying at your feet or cuddling on the bed or sofa. If she happens to feel mischievous, she’ll chew on tissue or paper if it can be found.

Rosie is calm, sweet and loving and she will be happiest with a family who will provide lots of love and cuddles. She promises to reward you with continuous companionship, a head on your lap, and lots of loving gazes.

If you’re the family for Rosie, please complete the online application if you don’t already have one on file and then email our Rescue Coordinator Diane Parrish at so she knows of your interest. You won’t be disappointed.

Online Application


  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 9 Years
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: no accidents when on a schedule
  • Health: mild IVDD, no medication needed
  • Temperament: Sweet, easy-going and cuddly; loves to rest her head on her paws, a pillow or any part of her human
  • Recommendations: A house that has limited stairs and with someone home most of the time; monitor for IVDD; urinary prescription diet (Royal Canin Urinary SO)
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: Yes