Scarlett in Arlington, VA


Scarlett is a 6-year old Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who everyone loves right away because she is sweet, quiet, snuggly, and loves to spend time with her human family. She politely introduces herself to every person she meets and would be best friends with all if time and circumstances allow.

At 19.5 pounds, Scarlett is at her ideal weight. Details on her past are scarce, but she is up-to-date on her vaccinations and has a healthy heart. She has a pending spay/dental scheduled at the end of April and will be adopted after recovery. Scarlett eats her food and supplements without fuss and will take her allergy pill right from your hand. She is easy to train with small pieces of kibble and is even calm during nail trims!

Scarlett will go in her crate easily when you leave your home or can be left out to nap calmly until her owner returns. She has done very well with potty training and will signal when she is ready to go outside by cuddling up and staring in your eyes. As long as she is taken out several times per day, any chance for accidents will be rare. She’s very smart and picks up commands after one or two times – particularly when treats are involved.

Scarlett walks easily on a leash but make sure you keep a firm grip or keep her in a fenced yard because if she sees a critter, she is likely to take off like a freight train! She may bark two or three times to warn you of a strange sound but is otherwise quiet. She is not interested in interacting with other dogs and prefers to be queen of the yard. 

Scarlett would flourish in a home where her person or people are home most of the day. She will be happiest as the only pet because she wants all the love and attention. She loves to sit next to you at all times, preferably on your lap or touching you. She adores sleeping in the big bed with her humans and going on adventures in the car too.

Scarlett the Ruby is a loveable lady who is gentle, calm, appreciative, and a true lap dog. She travels well and will stay close to her person. She will happily walk outside with you, snuggle in soft spaces, and generally be wherever you are. She cannot wait to be your furry best friend.

If you are interested in this precious pup, please read about our adoption process, complete the online adoption application if you haven’t already, and indicate your interest by emailing Rescue Coordinator, Michelle Ouellette at 

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  • Color: Ruby
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 19.5 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Very good if given plenty of potty breaks during the day
  • Health: Special diet for sensitive skin and stomach, daily allergy pill, and supplements for anal gland issues and arthritis.
  • Temperament: Sweet, appreciative, gentle
  • Recommendations: Someone home most of the day, walks outside on a leash or within a fenced yard, no other dogs in the home, older well-behaved children are okay
  • Location: Arlington, VA
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: No