Seamus in Ann Arbor, MI

Seamus is a good ole Irish name, one that fits this sweet ole senior boy. Seamus is a 12 ½ year young Cavalier mix, quite possibly part Cocker Spaniel which would account for his larger size. He weighs in at 42 pounds, sturdy and handsome but not overweight. He came into rescue after his only owner, a woman, died unexpectedly.  

Seamus was an only dog before coming into rescue. He was well-loved and treated like a prince, which included Tim Horton sandwiches for lunch and very little attention to potty training. While in rescue, potty training has been a priority. Tim Horton has not. 

Seamus, or She Moo as my son calls him, is quite the toy-boy, especially loving play time with balls. He chases them (slowly), holds them, and chews them. Although his foster home is very different than his original, he has adjusted well and quickly. He is especially fond of my 14-year-old son, is gentle with my 20-month-old granddaughter, tolerates the four other dogs at his foster home, and even tolerates the two cats! He originally barked at the cats, but has stopped that and now likes to sniff them. 

He eats his dog food without any resistance (despite his previous people diet) and enjoys snacks intermittently. 

Potty training has been unbelievably easy. He wore a belly band for the first two days he was in his foster home. He has had only a few accidents since. He barks or whines to go outside or to come indoors. I am trying to interest him in the dog door. 

Seamus sleeps a fair bit, preferably with my son, on the couch or in bed but comes quickly when he hears his name. He likes to ride in the car, walks well on a leash, and likes to rustle through the leaves in our large fenced yard. He is sweet, gentle, and a font of love, which he shows with his snuggles. 

He is a healthy boy for his age: developing cataracts but no glaucoma, so no eye meds. He had a dental after arriving in foster care and only had to have two teeth pulled! Seamus has a grade IV heart murmur, but no symptoms and requires no meds. This should be monitored regularly by a vet. His x-rays showed some senior changes in his lower spine and he does take doggie ibuprofen in the morning as he often seems to favor his back legs and is sometimes slow to jump up so a home without a lot of stairs might be best.

Seamus is a love, and needs to live his life with the love he has become used to and which we all deserve. He would do best as a single dog or one of two; needs someone home most of the time; enjoys moving freely in a fenced yard but would also do well with short walks on a leash several times a day. 

If you are ready for this amazing senior guy to be part of your life, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email June Kirchgatter at so she knows of your interest. 

Online Application

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 12 Years
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Good, rare accidents
  • Health: In really good health for his age. Requires non-steroidal pain meds once each day. Grade IV heart murmur, no meds required.
  • Temperament: Gentle and sweet
  • Recommendations: Happiest as the only dog or one of two, an owner home most of day, fenced yard
  • Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT