Sierra in Edgewater, MD

Update 5-14-24: We think we may have found a great home for this pup, so aren’t taking more applications for now.

Sierra is gentle 5 year old Cavalier born 9/28/18 who was given to rescue by a breeder. She is a sweet tricolor Cavalier with a bit of a curly coat in front and is now styled into a puppy cut so her back feels like velvet. She will be even lovelier when her fur grows back. Sweet Sierra is a healthy, heartworm negative, spayed, vaccinated, velcro girl who did lose a few teeth when she had her dental. Sierra is positive for Lyme disease but is asymptomatic and has completed her 30 day antibiotic treatment. She will need lab work in 6 months to help your Vet determine if any follow-up is appropriate. Sierra is now receiving monthly flea/tick/heartworm prevention which should continue in her forever home.

Hello all! Sierra here. I am so excited to share my accomplishments since joining my foster family. I had a plane ride, discovered television, learned to do steps, chairs and sofas are comfy, and the bed is the best yet! I am reliably housebroken but will need to go out every 4 or so hours till we really get to know each other. FM calls me Sisi or Wiggles because my waggly tail is always wagging and makes my derrière wiggle!

Dogs are supposed to play with toys. As a result, I am considering stuffies since my lab foster sister seems to really like them – Foster mom tells me she thinks I will like them since I can roll a small plastic car, try to pick up a plastic lid and will chase a nylabone across the floor but am just not consistent with any of it so I really like my humans in my furever home to help me take the next step. I must confess I do like toilet paper rolls like my Cavalier foster sister.

I am learning to take treats from FM’s fingers. Patience, Patience, Patience is the mantra. I hope I perfect this skill by the time we meet! Poached chicken breast shreds easily and this is my new favorite! This will help with my training since I love snacks.

Visiting shops, receiving head scratches from friendly people we meet there, the car rides, sniffing flowers and whatever is in the breeze is a new favorite. I am getting the hang of walking on a leash now but am still a work in progress.

Unfortunately, I can’t share my previous living situation, but a crate like situation must have been my living quarters. When I arrived, I saw a crate and hopped in to observe my new living arrangements. I needed a larger crate since I am a little larger and longer than some Cavaliers and I do need room for a stuffie to keep me company. An open-door crate in the living area and bedroom will help me feel safe when I come to my new home. I am proud to say that after a few weeks I no longer need the living room crate! Wahoo!!

If you are looking for a happy girl with a tail that never stops wiggle-wagging, sends adoring stares, follows you around and looks forward to discovering what my new life offers, then I AM YOUR Girl!

Housebroken: Great! but don’t like to get my feet wet; need your schedule to be reliable. Crate trained: Yes! Needs open door access to her crate and one on each floor. Leash training: Improving! Meals: Morning and evening ½ c. Weight: Goal is about 22 lbs. She has lost 3.5lbs of her puppy weight and has only 3 to go! Children: Gentle children! FM’s 4 yo grandson is fine. Car rides: Love them! People: Quickly warms up, constant tail wagging, lap sitter and treat taker in training. Cats and Stairs: Never met a cat; can do 4 stairs but live in a single floor home. Dogs: Big and small – love them all!

If you are interested in adopting this Cavalier, please complete our online application if you haven’t already and then email Diane Lombardo at Thank you!

Online Application 

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Good
  • Temperament: Happy and sweet
  • Location: Edgewater, MD
  • Region: Northeast
  • Special Needs: No