Sonny in Plymouth, MI

Sonny Delight! Meet Sonny, a six-month old teeny-tiny male Blenheim born September 28, 2022. He came to rescue when his family didn’t have the resources to care for a puppy. Upon arriving in rescue, Sonny tested positive for the Parvo virus. He was just 4-months old. He survived a grueling five nights at the vet clinic, receiving around the clock medical care that saved his life. His foster mom recalls one night the vet saying, “if he doesn’t show some improvement by morning, we will have to have a very difficult conversation.” Despite the odds, Sonny has recovered from Parvo and is thriving in the care of his foster family, which includes two Cavaliers.


Every morning he chases his older foster Cavalier brother up and down the hallway and wrestles with his bigger foster brother Cavalier every evening. He plays fetch with his foster mom before snuggling up with her to watch tv. He is building up great muscle strength and slowly adding weight, although his foster mom still calls him Sonny McNugget—he’s just so small and snuggly! 

Since recovering from Parvo, Sonny has undergone two medical procedures to enlarge his esophagus. Our goal is to get him on a diet of small kibble. But his fur-ever family will need to work with him (and possibly his vet in Ann Arbor, MI) in monitoring this. Currently, he is eating canned food and a small quantity of kibble. A constricted esophagus increases the possibility of choking. So his new family will need to be very diligent in monitoring him and should be aware that Sonny may have digestion issues for some time. He may have irritable bowel syndrome, but no medication is required at this time. In foster care we determined that he has an allergy to corn. So he is on a very strict diet. Absolutely no people food or large treats (we have been using his kibble for treats and training)! His fur-ever family will need to be careful with his diet and should have experience with managing digestive or medical issues in dogs.  

Sonny is still a very young and curious puppy. He explores by putting things in his mouth. He is very good playing with dog toys, but outdoor distractions like rabbit, deer and turkey droppings are real dangers for his little esophagus and sensitive stomach. 

While in foster care, Sonny has met several veterinarians, vet techs, and house guests. And loves all adults he comes in contact with! While in foster care, he also spent time with young children. This was not a good fit for Sonny. Because of this history and his potential choking and dietary issues, Sonny will not be placed in a fur-ever home with children. 

During the day Sonny plays with his Cavalier brothers, until they tire, then he plays with a dog toy, easily entertaining himself. Eventually he settles in for a nap on his foster mom’s lap or in a nearby dog bed (his foster mom works from home). In the evening he enjoys another play session with his foster brothers, then snuggles up with his foster mom. He is a puppy, so is still working on his house manners, but is getting better. He does his business outside with the other dogs. But if not watched carefully, he will have accidents in the house. His new family will need to keep working with him in this regard. 

He does very well walking on a leash and would do best with a family that regularly uses a leash for potty breaks, so the people can be sure he doesn’t go near animal waste or other choking hazards outdoors. He is crate-trained, going in the crate at night and when his foster mom runs errand.  He’d definitely be happy sleeping in the people bed at his fur-ever home. Sonny sleeps easily through the night (10 pm – 7 am) without needing any potty breaks. 

Sonny is up-to-date on his vaccines and has been micro-chipped. When he is nine months old his fur-ever family will be required to have him neutered (the adoption paperwork will not be finalized until proof of neutering has been submitted to Cavalier Rescue USA). At that time, his herniated umbilical should be corrected. Sonny has a severe over-bite that may cause his lower canine teeth to hit the roof of his month. When his adult teeth grow in these canines should be examined by a veterinarian. The lower canine teeth most likely will need to be removed. 

Sonny has been an absolute delight as a foster dog. He has been quick to learn his name and basic commands like “go crate” and “transport” (which is his cue to go into his pet carrier for a ride up or down the stairs, or to the vet). Now that is eating small amounts of kibble, he is learning other commands like “sit.” His happy-go-lucky spirit and gosh-darn overall cuteness make Sonny absolutely one of the most adorable little nuggets-of-a-Cavaliers you will ever rub noses with. He has the heart of a survivor, the spirit of a fighter and an amazing zest for life.

Sonny will require a family with someone home during the day for potty breaks on a leash and diet monitoring. He will settle in best at a fur-ever home with at least one other dog, a regular routine and moderate activity level. We will not consider applications from families with children under the age of 13. Most importantly, Sonny will require a family that is experienced with digestion or medical issues in dogs. 

If you have experience with dogs who have digestive or medical issues, are home during the day, do not have children under the age of 13 and are interested in Sonny, please complete our online application and then email June Kirchgatter at so she knows of your interest.

Online Application

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: Under 1 Year
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Still working on it, he’s a puppy.
  • Health: Significant digestion issues; herniated umbilical; and will need adult lower canines pulled
  • Temperament: Sweet, smart, fearless, curious.
  • Recommendations: Someone who can be with him all day to address his diet/digestion concerns; other small dogs to help burn off his energy; a calm household, no children under 13.
  • Location: Plymouth, MI
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: Yes
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT