Squire in Camas, WA


This 6-year-old knight in training lives up to his name and willingly accompanies his foster mom and foster dog sisters everywhere they go. He loves to greet his foster mom’s tutoring students and their parents each day, giving them kisses as he says hello and good-bye at the door. Squire gets along with everyone in the home— foster dad and children, alike, but seems to be quite attached to his foster mom. He is very content simply sitting at your feet when working, sitting next to you on the couch, or lying next to you on the bed.  

Squire was surrendered by his owners because they found he wasn’t a good fit due to his anxiety that led to excessive barking at wildlife and neighboring dogs when in the backyard and also reactivity toward passing cars and dogs while on walks.   

In his foster home, Squire may bark when he hears people walking by and talking behind the backyard, but comes right back in when you call him. Going on walks can trigger barking and lunging when cars pass by or upon seeing other dogs, but when he isn’t barking, positive reinforcement through treats and praise seems to be helping to decrease this reactivity. His new family needs to be prepared and willing to take the time to work with him, and we are requiring that they work with a positive dog trainer to ensure continued improvement and a successful adoption.  

Other than the reactivity on walks, Squire is a very sweet, mellow fellow. He is fine visiting another dog’s home and does not show interest in cats. He knows to use the dog door to go outside to do his business and immediately comes back inside. 

When he is in the mood about twice a day, Squire likes to play with squeaky stuffed animals, treat toys, and a rope toy with a mini ball, but he is happiest when he can just be at your side. He enjoys going on car rides and following his foster dog sisters around the house and yard. In his previous home, he loved going to the off-leash dog park and also did some indoor swimming classes. 

Squire is on a probiotic called Purina Calming Care prescribed by the vet, neutered, and microchipped. He’s a healthy boy, though at 23 lbs is a little overweight. 

Squire’s ideal new home is with dog-savvy owners who can spend a lot of time with him and have a securely fenced-in yard. Another dog of similar size and temperament is ideal as he has always had another dog in the home. Children over the age of 10 years old would be a good fit for him too. Will this handsome boy be your next knight in shining armor?

If you live within a 3-hour drive of Camas, WA and are interested in Squire, please complete our online application (if you haven’t previously), and email Melissa Cincotta at Happycavaliers04@gmail.com so she knows to consider your application. Please take a moment to read about our adoption process: Process & FAQ

Online Application

  • Color: Black & Tan
  • Age: 6 Years
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Great, and knows how to use a dog door.
  • Health: Healthy
  • Temperament: Responsive, loyal, and calm. Reactive on walks.
  • Recommendations: Dog savvy owners, low alone hours, fenced-in yard, another dog of similar size is ideal, kids over 10 okay.
  • Location: Camas, WA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED