Teddy in University City, MO

My people call me Teddy because I can be a huggable teddy bear, but also my foster mom says I have springs in my feet like Tigger. I love to run and play. I love to find things that belong to my foster mom and then run so she will chase me. She also calls me Stinker! Sometimes I don’t want to give them up. Sometimes we trade her stuff for a treat or another toy. I do love my toys! I will chase the ball and bring it back, usually. I also love to go in the car. I always see interesting things. I sleep well through the night in a crate by my foster mom’s bed but would rather be in the big bed with her and my foster sister. My favorite thing to do is nap in my persons’ lap. Now I’ll let my foster mom tell you more about me!

Teddy was an owner release due to aggressive behaviors toward children and a cat. It was reported that he had been hyper reactive when they got him at age 2 months. He was aggressive when I first put a harness on him. It has taken time to earn his trust and now he is much better. That said, he is a 13-month-old Ruby boy born 11/18/21 who has lots of energy and lots of love to give.

We have been working for a couple of months to lessen his reactivity. He is extremely smart, knows all the commands (place, sit, stay, here, heel), and is treat motivated. He is getting better at grooming, and loves the attention when being brushed. When he is in my lap or next to me I rub and pet him where he has shown reactivity. He is so much better, but he will let you know when he has had enough. Sometimes he rolls over and wants tummy rubs. He is still just a puppy and loves to play hard then retire to your lap. He is very smart, and picks up on what you want him to do quickly.

Teddy is truly a lap dog. He loves his person and wants to be next to that person and wants to please and be rewarded with good behavior. At first I used lots of treats but now it is just a small treat or pets and telling him what a good dog he is. His cue for being good and following a command is “YES! “(with a treat). Heel is difficult because he barks at strangers and other dogs. Socialization will take patience and an owner who is alpha and communicates that to Teddy. I would also recommend that after a month in his new home, his new person should schedule at least one session with his former trainer so that they will have no questions about his commands and cues. For this reason, we are reviewing applications from the St Louis Metro area. It is important that he be successful in his new home.

Teddy needs a quiet home with adults, someone who is active and will work with him to use up all that energy. He would love to go jogging with you!  He does react to new dogs in the house, but he really wants to play. I have friends bring their dogs over for socialization, and after initial barking, he just wants to play. He also barks at new people but quickly warms to them and wants their affection. He is better than a doorbell!

I would recommend that he be an only child. I promise he has enough energy and affection. And because of his history, no small children or cats. Teddy would make a great companion to someone who sets boundaries for Teddy. He does need a fenced yard, someone who is home most of the day. He is very comfortable in his crate at night and sometimes when I will be gone for a few hours. (He tends to look for things to occupy himself, like unwinding toilet paper, getting into trash, undies from the clothes hamper, you know, that really fun stuff!!). Teddy is house trained, he will come and sit in front of you and when you ask if he needs to potty, he will jump up and head for the back door. Note that he hates going out in the rain.

Teddy did great at his recent vet visit and did not bark at all! He is neutered, current on all shots, on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives, and his heart is clear. He does have a grade 1 luxating patella in his right leg and a grade 1-2 luxating patella in the left leg. Neither causes him discomfort at this time and it was recommended that he start a glucosamine supplement. His forever family will need to keep him at a healthy weight and willing to do surgery should his knees worsen or cause him pain the future.

If you can provide Teddy with his forever home, fill out our online application, if you haven’t already and contact Sarah Noebels at Cavalierrescuesarah@gmail.com to let her know of your interest. 

Online Application

  • Color: Ruby
  • Age: 1 Year
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Yes
  • Health: Luxating patellas, no tx needed at this time
  • Temperament: Smart, Energetic, Affectionate, Reactive (fearful) with strangers and will bark with tail between legs but comes around quickly to wanting affection & play.
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT