Toby-Dallas, TX


Here is Toby with his girls……….

Toby is a mellow and loving 7-year-old Blenheim boy who always has a smile on his sweet face and the cutest freckles on his nose. He is the happiest boy with his tail always wagging and happy to greet anyone who comes his way. Toby came into rescue from a loving home from Japan but unfortunately with the move and the children they were no longer able give him the care he so deserved. Toby surprises us everyday with his knowledge and listening skills. He comes on command, sits, stays, rolls over and is currently working on his “high five”! You will not find a more loyal and lovable dog. He favorite things are to cuddle and patrol the backyard with his foster brother.

Toby has been well fed over the past 7 years, so we are currently working on his diet. Ideally, he needs to lose at least 5 pounds. His vet tells us his ideal weight for his frame should be between 18-19 pounds. Toby enjoys his slow walks in the early mornings and evenings and has been swimming often to help with his joints and weight. Toby has grade 3 left rear (LR) luxating patella which currently does not cause him any discomfort. He had x-rays done and his vet said his patella should improve significantly by losing weight and by using the current joint supplement he has recently started. He is currently taking YuMove joint supplement and uses “pet stairs” to get on and off the couch. He is a champ when taking medicine as well. Toby recently had his teeth cleaned and has beautiful pearly whites! He is current on all vaccinations, on heart prevention and is microchipped.

He is potty trained and will stand by the back door to let you know he needs to use the restroom but will not alert you, he will just stand there so you need to be aware and remember to take him outside regularly. He has had zero accidents inside the house. Toby doesn’t bark much except when he and his foster brother go chase cats in the backyard. He sleeps on a bed in the kitchen at night, but also loves to snuggle in the big bed as well. He has the cutest snore! Toby loves car rides and is always up to going on adventures. He truly enjoys sitting in the dog car seat so he can look out the window. Toby does well anywhere he goes such as the dog store, the vet, a friend’s house and is always on his best behavior.

His foster mom and foster brother have fallen in love with this sweet boy and thinks he is such a love bug. He follows his person everywhere and will immediately hop in your lap for some belly rubs. Toby is such a friendly dog and gets along with all types and sizes. He is also great with kids over 6 and loves hugs and kisses. He would do best with a securely fenced yard and with someone who is at home most of the time and committed to continuing his weight loss until he has reached his ideal weight of 18-19 pounds. If you think you can love and provide all the things he needs, please complete our application and then email Linda Dominoski at to express your interest.

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  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 7 Years
  • Weight: 23.9 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • House Training: Great!
  • Health: Grade 3 LR luxating patella
  • Temperament: Sweet, easy going, gets along well with others
  • Recommendations: Home with no or few stairs, someone home most of time, fenced yard
  • Location: Dallas, TX
  • Region: Southern
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED