Trooper in Carmichael, CA

Hi my name is Trooper and as you can see, I am a really good looking 10 year old Ruby boy. I came into foster care with a few issues, but being as good looking as I am – it makes up for it, don’t you think! Well at least that’s what my Foster Mum says.  I had an ear infection, eye infection, and really bad allergies. My foster Mum took care of all of those things for me as well as being neutered. I’m feeling so good now! She told me my heart is enlarged but I don’t take medication at this time, so I think that’s good news. Every day she gives me an Apoquel for my allergies.
My foster Mum says that I have the most beautiful color of Ruby she has EVER SEEN and as my hair grows in it’s looking more and more beautiful. See, I told you I’m good lookin’! When I came into rescue because of the allergies, the vet was not sure my fur would grow back on my bum, but it has. I am starting to get feathers on my legs and tail too. Because of these things, I’m looking for a family who will continue to give me my allergy pills and will monitor my heart for me.
I really like to be close to my person and because of this I do have some separation anxiety. I would prefer to go with you, but if left at home I will be on my best behavior while I wait for your return; so you will be happy to see me when you come home to me. Don’t be gone too long though OK? I miss you when you aren’t home… so I’m really looking for a retired family or one who will be home with me most of the time. 
I tend to think that I am in charge with other dogs, Alpha I think they call it? If you have another dog at home who is submissive this would be a nice scenario. I’m also OK as an only dog, and I would love to get all the attention.
I am happy to sit on the outdoor furniture and watch the world go by in your fenced yard. I will bark at strange animals in my yard like squirrels, it’s SO FUN. I have a very deep bark and it scares them away in short order so you better be okay with my outdoor activity cause I’m having a blast. A home where neighbors aren’t too close would work great so I can keep having outside fun.
Foster Mum says I sleep weird. I have this desire to sleep on my back spread eagle style. To get in that most comfortable position takes some doing. She said that I do a little helicopter thing to get into that position; she sure gets a good laugh out of it.
My most favorite time of day is meals. I get so excited that I encourage you to speed up your process with some encouraging barks. Hurry Up Human! I’m hungry! My other favorite time is bedtime. I live to snuggle in and sweet talk you. After a bit I am off to your feet to get some well deserved shut eye. Sleeping in your bed with you is a big deal to me so you need to be okay with having some furry company. My third favorite thing is going for walks and I also love car rides, I guess that’s 4th.
Sometimes I carry on a full conversation with you, word for word. Rest assured, I will get the last word.  I’ve had a little rough go of it lately but now that I’m feeling better I am looking forward to my new forever home. I promise to be your constant companion and to love you to the moon and back.
If you are within driving distance to Carmichael, CA and interested in adopting Trooper please fill out an application first if you haven’t already. After that please send an email of interest to Jessica Ford Thank you. 

Online Application

  • Color: Ruby
  • Age: 10 Years
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Sex: Male
  • Health: Has an enlarged heart. No medication. Has allergies and takes 1 Apoquel a day ($50 monthly).
  • Temperament: Sweet, snuggly, Can be barky. Loves to sleep with you in bed.
  • Recommendations: Someone who is home all the time or retired, to give him plenty of Love
  • Location: Carmichael, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: No
  • Status: SPOTLIGHT