Tully in St. Paul, MN

Update 9-22-23: We think we have found a loving home for this pup so aren’t taking more applications for now. Thank you!

Tully is a happy go lucky 8 year old tricolor Cavalier born 2/15/2015. She was given up due to issues regarding anxiety. Tully’s anxiety (barking/whining) really only comes out as her human prepares to leave the house (foster has been working on positive reinforcement when returning/leaving). Tully is eager to please and reacts to commands very well. She is super smart and knows how to sit, stay, shake, and heel.

Tully warms up to new places very quickly and prefers to be part of a pack. She gets along well with other dogs (her foster  family has two Cavaliers) and would likely be happiest in a household with another dog to bond with. The presence of another dog also minimizes her anxiety. She loves walks and gets very excited to be outside. She loves the fosters fenced yard and needs to be let out frequently.

Tullys favorite toy is a Kong which is ironically the only thing she is allowed to have because everything else gets shredded if no human is watching. She likes sleeping in her own kennel (but does toss and turn) after being taught that is where dogs sleep (most nights) or when her foster family is leaving. She would love to sleep with her human though so don’t be surprised if she’s sad to kennel up. 

She is great with kids, teens, older adults & bonus, she doesn’t jump up when greeting.

As for health, Tully is up to date on all of her vaccines, recently had 9 teeth removed, and is now microchipped. Tully’s skin gets dry but incorporate some Omega-3’s in the diet and it clears right up. She also has mild osteoarthritis in the back hip, but as long as she keeps moving it doesn’t bother her at all. She is a mover/runner/zoomer when her human is outside in the yard or when other dogs are playing.

Tully aims to please and be with her pack. She loves her humans & will jump on your lap and look for your love, comfort, and approval.

If you are interested in adopting Tully, please complete our online adoption application if you haven’t already and then email Rescue Coordinator Diane Parrish at cavalierrescueusa.mn.wi@gmail.com so she knows to review your form. Thank you!

Online Application 

  • Color: Tricolor
  • Age: 8 Years
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Reliable but needs to go out frequently. No accidents in kennel.
  • Health: Great
  • Temperament: Outgoing, friendly, playful, likes some attention, eager to please, and loves being a couch potato.
  • Recommendations: Someone ready to give her the time and attention she deserves and who has another dog.
  • Location: St. Paul, MN
  • Region: Central
  • Special Needs: No