Zaya in Wilmington, CA


Here is Zaya with her loving new family…

Zaya is a beautiful brown-eyed girl who loves the finer things in life like naps on a nearby lap, small cozy beds and playing fetch. This five-year-old Blenheim Cavalier born 10/15/18, is looking for a forever home that will keep her in the style to which she’s become accustomed.

Zaya is an absolute delight to be around — she adores going on walks, greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail, and is incredibly friendly with all the dogs she encounters. She has made friends with a cat and is okay with well-mannered gentle children. At night, she enjoys curling up in her own bed or snuggling with her owner. One of Zaya’s favorite places to visit is the pet store, where she knows she’ll be rewarded with a tasty treat for her good behavior. Zaya is not much of a barker—she almost never makes a peep! However, she is alert and observant, always keeping an eye out for her loved ones.

Zaya faces challenges from a recent diagnosis of a neurological condition called Chiari Malformation (CM) a common illness of Cavaliers. She is currently taking two medications to keep her comfortable and control symptoms, which includes daily fly-catching behavior. She requires special care and needs someone responsible who can take the time and effort to keep her on a routine and make sure she gets her medications three times a day for optimum management of symptoms. For those not familiar with CM, please visit: Canine Chiari Malformation (CM)

With a heavy heart, Zaya’s owner who has to work away from home daily and cannot manage giving medications regularly, reached out for assistance to find a new home for her beloved pup. Ideally, we would like Zaya to have a home with a retired couple or a single person who works from home with a schedule to provide the attention Zaya needs along with the ability to administer medication on time. A backyard for outdoor playtime and regular walks during the day would be advantageous for Zaya’s happiness.

As you can see from her adorable photos, Zaya’s medical needs do not define her. Zaya is a petite bundle of joy, weighing 12.3 lbs. She is otherwise healthy, adores people, and is exceptionally well-behaved. Zaya’s intelligence shines through as she knows various tricks and is always eager to learn more. She delights in chasing squirrels, basking in the outdoors, and even enjoying baths.

We are committed to finding the perfect forever home where Zaya will be cherished and cared for as a beloved member of the family. Until then, Zaya will continue to receive unconditional love and care while awaiting her new chapter in life.

If you are ready to continue the dedication Zaya needs and the stability she deserves, please complete an online application if you haven’t done so already and then email Nanci at to let her know of your interest in this darling pup.

Online Application 

  • Color: Blenheim
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Sex: Female
  • House Training: Excellent
  • Health: Canine Chiari Malformation (CM), well managed with medications, otherwise healthy.
  • Temperament: Very affectionate, loving, and always happy; craves attention

  • Recommendations: Best in a calm home where someone is around much of the time. Fenced yard.
  • Location: Wilmington, CA
  • Region: Western
  • Special Needs: Yes
  • Status: JUST ADOPTED