A very sweet Rose

Meet our Rose. Rose has had a tough life, but you would never know it from her happy-go-lucky personality. She was used for breeding and then dumped at a shelter at the young age of 3. When left at the shelter, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and the shelter called us to pick her up. 

When Cavalier Rescue USA brought in this pup, she was a very sick girl. We took quick action with the vet and she got good meds and a breathing treatment that helped give her relief. In addition to the pneumonia, they also discovered that she could not see out of her right eye due to a Cataract and had also limited site in her left eye.  She went to an eye specialist who said she had Juvenile Cataracts which is a hereditary condition that some young dogs get. Without cataract surgery this sweet young dog will be completely blind. The surgeon is waiting two months to see if the left cataract will progress enough to have the surgery done on both eyes at the same time. This is a hereditary condition that the surgery will correct. It is so sad that she was used for breeding numerous times at the age of three when she has this condition to pass on.  

Rose has now recovered very well from her pneumonia. She has been spayed and is up to date on all her vaccines.

She is enjoying the puppyhood she never had.  Rose loves playing with toys and being part of a family. She likes to have her nose in everything and is often now called Nosey Rosey. She loves kids and likes her human foster brother to put his soft blankets on her. We are so happy to be able to save her and give her the surgery she needs to be able to restore her vision. 

If you’d like to contribute to her surgery expenses, any donation would be appreciated. Costs for her surgery will run between $4-5K. Once she has recovered from surgery, Rose will be up for adoption. We are not taking applications at present for her though. She is in located in the Dallas, TX area.  

To donate to help sweet Rose, please click on the link below.


Our heartfelt appreciation, Your friends at Cavalier Rescue USA